PPC Ads Services

Click and Convert: PPC Ad Management Services for Your Businesses

Get expert PPC ad services for your online business to rank your website in SERPs in an inorganic way. The certified Google ads professionals of TDTRG help your business get more traffic, sales, and conversions from PPC Campaigns.

With our affordable PPC ad agency, you get access to more creative and high-quality ads. This can help you maximize your ad performance across all channels, unlock new leads and sales opportunities, and optimize your PPC program to deliver the best ROI possible.

  • Advance Keyword Research
  • High CTR Ad Creation
  • Efficient Budget Planning
  • Real-Time Performance Analysis

Get More Traffic, Sales & Conversions From PPC Campaigns

Our PPC Management Plans give you more control and insight into your PPC campaigns to help you increase conversion, collect more leads, and create a stronger brand. With our affordable PPC management pricing, you get access to more creative and high-quality ads.

Harness the Power of Paid Search Ads

At Digi Tech Resource Group we offer PPC to help small to medium businesses get high SERPs from competitors. Our Digital Ad Services include campaign creation, schedule management, tracking, and reporting. These services are tailored to each client’s needs based on their budget, geography,  and given keywords.

Tools used for PPC Ads

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Analytics
  • SEMrush
  • Google Ads Editor

Our PPC Management Services Deliver Results

  • Keywords Research: Our PPC Keyword Research Service includes an analysis of the search keyword and competition for your industry. We then help you determine which keywords to target in PPC Campaign to generate more impressions.
  • Competitor Analysis: We use keyword planner, Google editor, and SEMrush to give competitive advantage online and dominate their market with our state-of-the-art PPC strategies.
  • Ad Setup: We are a digital marketing company with specialized skills in creating targeted, relevant ads and targeted landing pages. We create ads from scratch and make them interactive using data analysis.

Services offered by our Google Ads

Google Search Ads

Either pay for Pay-Per-Click or Pay-per-Impression to get more impressions or more clicks on Google. Our Google Search Ads Management Services help to set up ads, manage bid prices and search queries, analyze the performance metrics, and monitor traffic and reporting for your brand.

Display Ads

Our PPC specialists create the best possible bid for your campaign by using A/B testing. We are able to compile instructions, monitor campaign performance, and optimize ads based on market research data. Whether you’re just starting or need a bit of assistance with your account, we’re here to help!

Google Shopping Ads

The Digi Tech Resource Group has been ranked as the best PPC ad agency in New York due to its premium services to ecommerce stores. We offer Google Shopping Campaigns and Ad words Management, among many others. Our team of SEO and Google ads expert ensure that the online business is profiting as much as possible.

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