Delivering Technology Solutions

Our creative team thrives to deliver amazing results with the help of your ideas and our creativity.

Logo Design

Our experienced and skilled Logo Designers geeks provide their best to develop Logo’s that are responsive, user-friendly, and advanced.

Design & Development

Our experienced and skilled Web developer geeks provide their best to develop websites that are responsive, user-friendly, and advanced. We create an impactful base for your website which leads your website to get a good ranking on Google.

Digital Marketing & Strategy

The best recipe to engage people on social channels is to talk in their own languages. Wanna hear more amazing and tested marketing strategies? Let’s chat about your business.

Animation & 3D Development

Aren’t visuals more eye-catching than the idea itself? We at The Digi Tech Resource Group, LLC have a team of super-skilled animators who can run through your ideas and deliver what you expect.

Mobile App Development

These GenZ people thrive to get everything on a go. So why not a mobile app? Be it on android or iOS. Our experts hold skills in creating mobile apps for any company/product. Mobile apps promise to bring a higher profit rate in long run.


The main goal of SEO is to help your business to grow and expand its footprint everywhere on the internet in order to gain a profit business. We delicately mapped out high-ranking keywords related to your niche to help your business gain the right visibility.


PPC (pay per click). Looking to get the highest ROI through digital campaigns? Wait no more. We have a team of PPC experts who drives to get the best result possible through digital campaigns.

CRM Development

Be it role management, lead management, or invoice billing. We provide custom and tailored made CRM to your business to keep the data scalable and tract.