Top 22 SEO Techniques: Ultimate Guide for 2023

If a user has made a website for his website, then it is imperative and crucial for him to rank it on search engines. As we approach 2023, it is imperative to have an ultimate guide outlining the 22 SEO techniques businesses should implement to increase their online visibility. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice designed to increase both the quantity and quality of traffic coming through organic search engine results – something which requires patience, hard work, and consistency over time. In this article I will present some of the top 22 techniques businesses should implement to achieve desired results by 2023.

Integrate Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are highly specific keywords with three or more words in them that have lower search volumes than general keywords, yet are more likely to convert into sales as they are more specific and specific audience searches it. Therefore including the long-tail keywords on your site or articles may increase its ranking in SERP and eventually bring more sales opportunities.

Add Alt Text for Images

Search engine crawlers cannot interpret images directly; however, they can read alt text associated with them. Alt text gives a description for an image that appears when someone scrolls over it. Adding alt text helps the crawlers and search engines to better read the content of your website.

Keywords in Headers

Headers are titles and subtitles used to divide content into smaller pieces. This help to make the readability of content better. Utilizing keywords within headers will assist the crawlers of search engines in understanding what your site’s main topics are, rather than normal content.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are short summaries of your website that appear below its title in search engine results. Writing meta descriptions that include relevant keywords may increase click-through rates significantly.

Speed Optimization

Website speed is an integral element of SEO. Search engines prefer websites that load faster to save the time of users. Thus optimizing the speed will not only boost search engine rankings but will also enhance your user experience.

Add FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can provide visitors with more details on your products or services, helping them make informed decisions. Furthermore, adding FAQs may even boost search engine visibility since search engines favor websites which offer additional information to their users.

Add a Featured Image

A featured image is the main picture present in any article or blog post. Visitors often see this first thing when arriving on your site, making a high-quality, visually attractive featured image the first thing visitors see and increasing click-through rate.


A robots.txt file instructs search engine crawlers which pages of your site, crawlers should crawl and which pages they should not crawl. They are essential in preventing search engines from indexing pages that you do not wish them to index.


A sitemap.xml file provides search engines with a list of all the pages on your website they should index more efficiently by including it with search results. It is used to tell the search engine where your content is on the site and which content to crawl for SERP.

Include Videos

Videos are the most viral form of content that can draw visitors in for longer. Incorporating videos onto your website will not only increase its visibility but also increase the reach of site.

Internal Links

Internal links connect various pages on your website. They help visitors navigate more easily. Internal linking also assists search engines in understanding your site’s structure, making it easier for them to rank it higher in search results.

Add External Links

External links connect your website with relevant websites on the internet, providing visitors with additional information while strengthening its authority with search engines.

Utilize Short URLs

Short URLs, also known as short permalinks, make sharing URLs on social media easier and improve user-friendliness on websites. They help improve both the user experience as well as your click-through rate!

Writing Title Tag

Your title tag is often the first impression visitors get of your website when searching online search engines, so creating one with relevant keywords and creating something compelling can improve click-through rate and thus your website visibility.

Linking to Relevant Resources

Integrating links to relevant resources on your website can strengthen its credibility and authority by showing that you have done research to provide visitors with relevant and useful information.

Add Schema Markup

Schema markup is a code that helps search engines understand the context of your website’s content, by providing additional details about your pages’ information – making it easier for search engines to rank your website higher in their results pages.

Add a Table of Contents

A table of contents provides visitors with an overview of your content, making it easier for them to navigate your website. Incorporating one can improve user experience and lead to higher click-through rates resulting in higher conversion rates.


(HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is the more secure version of HTTP, encrypting data sent between a website and visitor’s browser for increased protection and search engine rankings. Switching your site over to HTTPS could significantly enhance its security and rank higher with search engines like Google.

Responsive Website

A responsive website is more optimized than a nonresponsive site. The responsive site may appear and open on tabs, PC, mobile, etc. By making use of responsive design techniques on your website, user satisfaction is increased significantly as well as its visibility within search results.

Primary Keyword

A primary keyword is a specific word that touches the center of your content. By including it throughout your website’s pages, headlines, titles and descriptions you get the hold on this keyword and Google ranks your content on such keyword.

Canonical Tags

By including canonical tags on your website, they will inform search engines which version should be considered the primary version thereby helping avoid duplicate indexing of pages, thus improving SEO rankings of your website.

Structured data

It is an additional way of providing context about your website’s content to search engines, leading to higher search engine rankings. Checking structured data on your website and correcting any errors will increase its visibility on search engines.

Call To Action:

SEO is a long-term process that asks for patience and consistency. Applying the top 22 SEO techniques discussed herein can help businesses improve their online visibility. Seeking help from an established SEO agency like TDTRG can deliver fast and appropriate results.

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