Unleash the Power of SEO Content Strategy in 2023: 7 Expert Tips

1. Prioritize User Experience

Brian discusses the significance of user experience signals for search engine ranking. We’ve already heard from Google that their third most critical ranking factor is RankBrain, and this trend is expected to increase significantly through 2023.

If RankBrain sounds foreign, don’t feel bad; most people find it confusing too! In reality, however, it is a machine learning system designed by Google which determines where pages should rank in search results; hence the science fiction aspect.

Simply stated, RankBrain tracks user interactions with search results and ranks them accordingly. If users click on an entry and quickly leave without spending much time browsing it, its ranking could decrease; on the contrary, if visitors spend longer time exploring its pages they could gain rank over time.

2. Update and Correct Second Page Posts

Find posts that rank highly and rewrite them. Google Analytics makes this easier by showing you phrases with an average position (rank) greater than 10. To locate these posts, head over to Acquisition and set an advanced filter with this filter activated for each phrase that ranks above 10.

Add details, examples, answers, statistics, images and contributor quotes that make the piece stronger. By prioritizing quality over quantity, it will likely increase length and keyword usage organically. Make it something you are proud to print and frame for display on the wall.

3. Unleash Video’s Potential

Video marketing can be an immensely effective traffic source, yet some marketers remain unaware of its true potential. One of the best SEO practices is prioritizing quality over quantity: having more indexed pages doesn’t guarantee more organic visitors coming through your doors. Site owners should avoid posting superficial blog articles with low word counts or superficial material on blogs that lack engagement for readers, focusing instead on quality articles that hold visitors’ interest from start to finish.

Here’s how you can optimize your video content:

Title and description updates on older videos to make them searchable and relevant. Optimize video audio/video quality as well as graphics/images before including them within your site content.

4. Optimize for Featured Snippets

A little over 11% of search results include featured snippets; these results appear on search engine results pages after ads but before ranked results and often feature an image, table or video, making them even more prominent and potentially taking clicks away from even higher-ranked results. Use paragraph format when targeting question keywords such as, “how can I build my email list” and “what is a featured snippet?,” but for preposition keywords, list format should be your go-to choice.

Here are a few strategies for optimizing content for featured snippets:

Keep communications clear and simple by using headers for easier scanning, assuring cross-device usability, maintaining social engagement, and using external resources as required.

5. Produce Comprehensive, Authoritative Evergreen Content

Write long-form posts about topics relevant to what Google wants users to find as the ideal result for searchers.

BuzzSumo conducted an analysis of 100 million articles published in 2017 and discovered some intriguing details regarding social sharing, viral posts, and what content has staying power. Since 2013, social sharing of content has seen a drastic decrease. This trend can be partially attributed to content saturation (3 million blog posts published every day), as well as to an increase in private sharing.

There are two effective strategies for showing search engines that your website contains comprehensive, authoritative and evergreen content: Stick with long-form content; longer forms (at least 2,000 words) often outrank shorter pieces. Utilise LSI keywords that relate to your post’s topic for maximum SEO benefit.

6. Maximize User Engagement

Here are a few proven strategies for increasing user engagement on your posts:

Content must be easy to read. Use whitespace, headings, short paragraphs and relevant images to make the page easier for the reader to consume while also prolonging their stay on the page.

Include highly relevant links and offers on each page, providing readers with appropriate internal links that will answer their question and increase user engagement on your site. Doing this can often reduce bounce rates significantly while drawing more users deeper into it.

Use long tail keywords, and provide answers to additional queries users may pose after viewing the content. Simply providing what a user searches for is no longer enough, pages need to supply extra info that might keep a user coming back and signal search engines that they offer not just the answer to the search query but are providing value that other pieces might not.

Providing additional data helps retain users while showing search engines that the page’s content offers additional value over other pieces available elsewhere on the web.

Include various means for readers to absorb your content: images, infographics, video and text will help grab their attention and engage them further with what’s being offered. This will keep readers more engaged with it all!

7. Priorities Mobile-First Indexing

For this tip, let’s go directly to Google for our insight. What exactly does “mobile-first indexing” entail? Simply, this means that Google now considers your site’s mobile version to be its primary version. If your site is not mobile-friendly, your desktop site may still be used; however, user experience plays an enormous role.


The Digi Tech Resource Group has offered various SEO services to clients all over the world. They have been a leading SEO agency in New York with expertise on on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. TDTRG has ranked dozens of websites on various fields like hotels, arts, entertainment, education, and software development. Our SEO experts use long tail keywords to rank and follow all the above-mentioned guidelines to rank it. If you are interested in getting a free quote, reach to us at info@tdtrg.com.


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