ASO- App Store Optimization: The New Trending SEO

ASO- App Store Optimization

With the increasing competition in the app industry, the need for App Store Optimization (ASO) has become more crucial than ever. ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. Just like SEO, ASO focuses on improving visibility, downloads, and user engagement.

Why Is App Store Optimization Necessary?

App Store Optimization (ASO) can be seen as essential for many reasons:

Increased Visibility: 

With millions of apps available on the app store, it can be easy for an app to get lost among all of them. ASO helps increase an app’s visibility by optimizing various elements such as its name, keywords and description – thus helping your app become more noticeable on Google Play and Apple iTunes.

Increased Downloads:

Greater visibility equals increased downloads. By optimizing an app’s metadata and employing ASO tools to monitor its search rankings, developers and marketers can boost downloads for greater business success.

Optimized App Screenshots, Videos, and Description: By improving an app’s screenshots, videos, and description to give users a deeper understanding of its features and benefits, developers and marketers can better engage users by increasing retention rates while increasing satisfaction among their userbase.


App Store Optimization is a cost-effective strategy to increase visibility and user engagement on the app store. When compared with paid advertising strategies such as banner ads or sponsorship deals, ASO provides more affordable ways of increasing downloads and user engagement for apps.

Competitive Advantage:

By keeping an eye on their competitors’ search rankings and performance, developers and marketers can gain an edge in the app store. Utilizing ASO tools to monitor them, developers and marketers can identify areas for improvement as well as optimize their app metadata to outrank their rivals.

App Store Optimization Tools and their Price

Numerous ASO tools exist that enable developers and marketers to optimize their apps for app store search results, giving insight into app ranking, user reviews and other metrics which can improve ASO. Some popular examples with their pricing range are

App Radar:

App Radar offers a 7-day free trial and has several plans that start as low as 49EUR/month; in comparison, its advanced and expert plans cost 89EUR/month and 189EUR/month respectively. App Radar also has consultation plan options starting from 490EUR/month.


AppTweak offers a seven-day free trial but does not provide free plans. Their starter plan costs $69/month while pro and guru plans cost $199 and $299 respectively; finally the power plan costs $599 monthly with on-demand consultation available through AppTweak.

MobileAction offers a 7-day free trial, along with a free plan. Startup plans start at $49/month while growth and business plans cost $299 and $599 (not listed yet), respectively. MobileAction also provides on-demand consultation.


AppFollow offers a 10-day free trial and has both paid plans (its starter plan costs 139EUR/month while pro and enterprise are on-demand), as well as consulting.


With its seven-day free trial and free plan available, Asodesk provides a great value. Their startup ASO plan costs just $49/month while pro and business ASO plans are offered at $109 and $299 monthly respectively. In addition, on-demand consultation services are also provided by this platform.

Sensor Tower offers a free 14-day trial and offers both a pro plan at $79/month and enterprise plans – as well as on-demand consulting – for enterprise clients. does not offer free trials but does offer a free plan to its enterprise clients. Pricing can be customized on an as-needed basis based on industry to industry.

Optimization Elements for App Store

Below are a few essential elements that need to be optimized in order to enhance ASO:

App Name:

When users search the app store, their first encounter with your app should be its name. Your app name should be descriptive, unique and easy for people to remember.


Subtitles provide a brief but accurate summary of an app in its store listing, below its name. They should be clear, informative and emphasize any unique features the application possesses.


For an app to stand out and represent its purpose and functionality effectively, its logo needs to be both visually appealing and original.

All-Time Rating:

An app’s all-time rating is an essential component of its App Store Optimization strategy, as a higher rating can have a major effect on its visibility and credibility.

App Description:

An effective app description should provide relevant, precise details about its features and benefits while remaining concise and highlighting any distinguishing aspects.

Updates Details:

Performing regular app updates is key to increasing an app’s ASO by showing its relevancy and reliability as well as increasing user experience.

Screen Shots and Images to Present App Features:

Your app’s screenshots and images should showcase its features and functionality to give users an idea of what to expect when downloading it.

Ratings and Reviews:

App store search results depend heavily on ratings and reviews to produce accurate search results, with positive ratings having an enormous impact on an app’s visibility and engagement levels.

Age Guidance:

When developing apps targeted towards specific age groups, age guidance is an integral component. It allows users to determine whether the app meets their needs or not.

Developer Details:

Knowing more about the developer can help users evaluate an app’s credibility and reliability. Contact details, websites and social media handles of the developer can aid users in this regard.


App Store Optimization (ASO) is an ongoing process and must be monitored and optimized regularly in order to stay ahead of the competition. By regularly tracking metadata updates of their app’s metadata files, developers and marketers can improve ASO while remaining relevant within the app market.

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