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Welcome to our digital Terms and Conditions page!

Please read the given policies and terms below before you collaborate with us or leverage the power of our digital services. You may get access to our website “The Digi Tech Resource Group” using www.TDTRG.com via various platforms such as mobile phones, computers, or RSS feeds.

Under these Terms and Conditions, when we refer to "TDTRG Site" or "our site," we mean any digital information present, operated, posted or maintained by our team and its subsidiaries including any domains, websites or apps owned or operated by TDTRG are solely under the DMCA Law of 1998.

When accessing TDTRG website, users must adhere to the following terms and conditions.

  • If you access the TDTRG Site from within the US, you agree to be bound by all the following laws that are related to digital services.
  1. WIPO Copyright Treaty (WCT)
  2. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) - USA
  3. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - EU
  4. E-Commerce Directive - EU
  • If we believe that you have not met these laws, we may cancel or restrict access to all or parts of our site immediately and without prior notification.

Use of material appearing on the TDTRG Site

  • TDTRG is the sole owner or licensee of all content found on its website, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, logos, and other forms of intellectual property rights associated with its usage (i.e. text, images, graphics, logos, videos, URL, metadata etc).
  • The audience and users shall not use, facilitate, authorize or permit the use of, any robot, bot, spider, scrapper or crawler, automated device program technique tool, to scrape data or content on our website.
  • Your use of any software, device, technique, algorithm, or process to bypass any restriction, or protection that controls access to TDTRG Content in any way (for instance robots.txt internet protocols) will be taken to legal grounds. Only with express authorization by the TDTRG is it permitted to create databases from all or some of the material found on the TDTRG Site, be they electronic or paper-based.

If you wish to use our content beyond what is permitted under these terms and conditions, please reach out to us via mailing at info@tdtrg.com or call us at +1 (855) 880 5222.

4. Disclaimer of liability

We take no responsibility for the TDTRG Content. Nothing provided on our site, serves any specific purpose or at the request of any specific individual; thus preventing any confusion as to any losses that might be suffered as a result of viewing, or reading.

We make no warranties or promises regarding the TDTRG Site or Content and in particular, do not make any assurances as to its freeness of viruses and any other contaminations.

Any precautions taken by you must be undertaken at your own risk, as we accept no responsibility in case an infection by viruses, contaminations or anything with harmful properties occurs.

Although we will make every effort to provide unrestricted and continuous access to the TDTRG Site, this cannot be guaranteed and we accept no responsibility or liability in case of unavailability, interruption or delay.

Third party advertising on the Our Site

  • You can search “write for us” on Google and write articles and blogs for Guest Posting. We will provide you a backlink with your website's internal link.
  • For anyone wishing to advertise on the TDTRG Site, contact our Team via info@tdtrg.com for advertising.
  • The TDTRG is the sole direct seller for ads displayed on our platform and all dealings must be undertaken directly with us in regards to advertising on our platform (unless approved by TDTRG from time to time).