15 Best WooCommerce Plugins To Use In 2023

Woo-Commerce is a powerful e-commerce platform that can be easily extended with plugins to enhance its functionality.  In a normal scenario, a blogging website does not need advanced functionalities or plugins for working. But when it comes to an E-commerce site, then you take every chance not to let go of your potential client.  So, you add extra functionality to get the maximum out of the sites. To get the best SEO results, advanced discounts, product integrations, and easy building of pages, install the best Woo-commerce plugins.  But here the question rises what are the plugins within the Because here are some of the best Woo-commerce plugins you can download for free to improve your store:

Optin Monster: 

You may make several kinds of pop-ups and opt-in forms with the WordPress lead-generating plugin Optin Monster. They might be slide-ins, floating bars, or lightbox pop-ups.


Optin monster allows you to create exit-intent pop-ups, which appear just as a visitor is about to leave your website. Optin Monster provides sophisticated targeting and segmentation characteristics that let you show tailored messages. Moreover, it provides users with tailored messaging based on their activity, location, and device.

All-in-One SEO for WordPress: 

Among the bundle of woo-commerce plugins, this one tops the favorite of many developers. All in One SEO is a powerful SEO woo-commerce plugin that helps to optimize your website for Google. 


Every e-commerce website needs SEO to rank on Google to get more traffic. It has characteristics such as XML sitemaps, schema markup, meta tags, and social media integration. These can help to improve your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines like Google. All-in-One SEO provides a range of advanced features, such as local SEO, Woo-Commerce SEO, and AMP support.

Monster Insights: 

Monster Insights is a Google Analytics plugin that allows you to track your website traffic and user behavior directly from your WordPress dashboard. In my opinion, it is the best Woo-commerce plugin for assessing the traffic count. 


It includes characteristics such as e-commerce tracking, custom dimensions, and events tracking, which can help you gain insights into your customers’ behavior and preferences. Monster-Insights provides a range of add-ons, such as Google Optimize, which allows you to run A/B tests on your website.

Constant Contact: 

Constant Contact is an email marketing plugin that enables you to create and send professional-looking email newsletters and campaigns to your subscribers and customers. 


It has characteristics such as a drag-and-drop email builder, customizable templates, and list management tools, which can help you build and nurture your email list. Constant Contact provides advanced features, like social media integration, event marketing, and online surveys.

Live chat 

Users often remove the items from the cart due to distrust and authenticity of the site. To gain the customer’s confidence, you should engage in conversation with them. 


The Live chat feature enables you to boost the confidence of users and fall them down the marketing funnel by persuading Undoubtedly, it helps to eliminate the chances of getting fewer abandoned carts. Such characteristics directly increase sales and revenue. It incorporates well with CRM, Google analytics, and email marketing tools. 


SeedProd is the most used woo-commerce plugin that allows you to create beautiful and engaging landing pages for your website. 


It has characteristics such as pre-built templates, countdown timers, and social media integration, which can help you build anticipation and loyalty among your visitors. SeedProd gives advanced characteristics like exit-intent pop-ups, email integrations, and analytics tracking.

Advanced Coupons: 

Advanced Coupons is a coupon and promotion woo-commerce plugin that enables you to create advanced discounts and promotions for your store. 


It has characteristics such as BOGO deals, cart-based discounts, and limit per user, which can help you attract and retain customers. Advanced Coupons gives characteristics such as URL coupons, auto-apply coupons, and coupon expiry dates.

WP Forms: 

WP Forms is a form builder plugin that allows you to create custom contact forms, surveys, and polls for your website. 


It has features such as a drag-and-drop form builder, pre-built templates, and conditional logic, which can help you create engaging and conversion-optimized forms. WPForms gives features, such as payment integrations, email marketing integrations, and multi-page forms.

Schema Pro:

You can improve the SEO of your website without manually adding code to every page with the help of the premium Schema Pro. 


Schema Pro provides product schema for e-commerce. This schema enhances the information about your products that search engines display, luring users to visit your business. This woo-commerce plugin is compatible with Yoast and provides over more than 20 schema types. The important feature of this plugin is that it verifies the real-time testing of schema within seconds.  Adding schema does take time. But, Schema Pro assists in automating some of the effort to improve your SEO.

WP Mail SMTP: 

WP Mail SMTP is an email delivery plugin that ensures your emails are delivered reliably and securely. 


It includes features such as SMTP authentication, email logging, and custom email headers, which can help you fix common WordPress email issues. WP Mail SMTP gives features such as email deliverability testing, Amazon SES integration, and WP Forms integration.

Uncanny Automator: 

Uncanny Automator is an automation woo-commerce plugin that allows you to automate repetitive tasks and workflows on your website. 


It has features such as trigger actions, conditional logic, and multi-step workflows, which can help you save time and improve your productivity. Uncanny Automator also offers integrations with various WordPress plugins, such as Woo-Commerce, Learn Dash, and Gravity Forms.

Affiliate WP: 

Affiliate WP is an affiliate marketing plugin that allows you to create and manage an affiliate program for your store. 


It includes features such as real-time reporting, affiliate registration, and commission tracking, which can help you increase your sales and revenue. AffiliateWP also offers tiered commission rates, custom affiliate links, and automatic affiliate payouts.


SearchWP is a search plugin that allows you to improve the search functionality of your website. 


It has features such as custom fields, relevancy settings, and weight adjustments, which can help you display more accurate and relevant search results to your users. SearchWP, woocommerce plugin also offers features, like PDF indexing, WooCommerce integration, and multiple search engines.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist: 

Customers may make and manage wishlists on your store by using the YITH WooCommerce Wishlist wishlist plugin. If a consumer has previously expressed interest in a product on the website and wishes to purchase it later, they can do so by going directly to their wishlist.


It has features that can help you enhance consumer engagement and loyalty, including customizable buttons, social network integration, and email reminders. Further features like user privacy controls, wishlist sharing, and analytics monitoring are also available with YITH WooCommerce Wishlist.

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards: 

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards is a gift card plugin that allows you to sell and manage gift cards in your store. It tracks all the details regarding the gift cards i.e sales, discounts, inventory in your store, location to be transported, and the average estimated time of delivery.  


It includes characteristics such as customizable designs, auto-generate codes, and expiration dates, which can help you boost your sales and revenue. PW WooCommerce Gift Cards also offers balance tracking, email notifications, and bulk import/export.

Downloading the Free WordPress Plugins For WooCommerce:

You can download the best free word press plugins for woocommerce from the word press plugin directory. To download these plugins, search the WordPress “plugin search bar” at the top of the page. Here you can search according to your required e-commerce functionality.  Click on the Install button. After installation, it will not be operational but you will have to activate it manually. Press the activate button and it will be operational. The free WordPress plugins for e-commerce site boosts functions within the site.

This process is only for the free plugins, if you want to get the premium or paid plugins, you have to manually add these plugins. Add these plugins via zip folders and install them. After installing, activate them for proper working. 

Final Words:

In conclusion, one can use these plugins if he wants his business to reach success. A businessman always uses the best woo-commerce plugins for WordPress as they are more reliable.  Installing the plugin and handling the e-commerce site is not child’s play. Only expert WordPress developers can carry out the process. If you want to install free eCommerce plugins in your store, The DigiTech Resource Group is the best place to come out for. The WordPress, Shopify, and custom e-commerce developers of TDTRG stand out for the best installation and activation of plugins. They also develop new plugins for customers on demand. The manual plugins are difficult so, we can do the installation of free WordPress plugins at a minimal rate for you.  You will not find the elusive services regarding WordPress development and its maintenance at anywhere in New York except TDTRG. If you want to reach out for their services, mail us at info@tdtrg.com.

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