Social Media Optimization

#1 Top-Rated Social Media Optimization Company in New York

As a leader in Social Media Marketing, Digi Tech Resource Group is the top-rated social media optimization company in New York. We are integrated into a streamlined support system that facilitates our commitment to deliver on your goals. Our vision is to revolutionize how businesses communicate with customers by utilizing today’s most advanced advertising techniques and technologies.

We provide Social Media Optimization that maximizes your social media reach, engagement and performance. Our SMO services include strategy development and management, content creation, SMM (Social Media Marketing), Competitive Ad Campaigns and Business Page Optimization.

What do our social media optimization services include?

Digi Tech Resource Group provides Social Media Optimization services to help businesses take advantage of social media marketing and drive traffic to their websites. Our Social Media Optimization services include: Social Media Content Creation – Slideshare creation, infographics etc… -YouTube Channel Optimization – LinkedIn Company Page Optimization – Instagram Business Page Optimization and Facebook Page Management.


We offer social media optimization services to help businesses gain more exposure, engage with their followers and encourage them to interact through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Our team provides expertly planned campaigns that use strategy-based content and carefully targeted advertising creative so you can focus on what you do best—running your business. We work closely with our clients to create custom solutions that meet their unique needs and deliver results beyond expectations.

Social media account audit

Digi Tech Resource Group will provide an audit of your organization’s existing social media accounts and guide you through the process of optimizing them for best results.

Custom images

We offer Original social media Custom images creation services. We create images for all social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts.

In-depth competitor analysis

In-depth Social Media competitor analysis and insights into your competitor’s strategy. Digi Tech Resource Group’s analysts will conduct extensive research on your main social media competitors to generate custom reports, identify opportunities, and highlight risks you may not have previously identified.

Regular social media monitoring

We monitor your social media accounts daily to make sure you are engaging with your followers and creating an optimal experience for them. We provide a detailed report of your interactions, clicks and impressions, along with actionable advice on how to improve these numbers.

Original social media posts

Digi Tech Resource Group is a team of dedicated professionals who have the expertise to create your social media content you need. We provide original and engaging, custom-made content for your social media needs.

Brand reputation analysis

The Digi Tech Resource Group (TDTRG) has the expertise to deliver Social Media Brand reputation analysis. Our brand experts will review all aspects of your social media presence and provide recommendations for improving your online reputation.

Data-driven social strategy

Digi Tech Resource Group has the best data-driven social strategy and a proven track record of developing successful social media campaigns. Contact us how we can help you to build your audience, increase follower engagement, and improve ROI for your business.

Monthly reports

We provide monthly reports on the progress of our social media strategy. This report will show the audience reach and engagement of your social media posts each month, so you can assess performance and provide feedback.


Why Should You Pick our Social Media Optimization Services?   

We are offering you the best Social Media Optimization services. We have been providing quality service to our clients worldwide and we will definitely help you achieve your goals. Our skilled team will handle your project with utmost care and provide maximum benefit to you as well. It is a best opportunity for you to hire our services as we are highly experienced in this area.

Business Marketing

Digi Tech Resource Group is a leading Social Media Optimization Services provider in the industry. We specialize in helping businesses of all sizes develop their social media presence and grow their online marketing reach, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

Brand Promotion

The Digi Tech Resource Group (TDTRG ) provides Social Media Optimization Services for your business. We make sure your social media presence is working for you 24/7, 365 days of the year. Get the most out of your social media marketing efforts by letting us manage your brand.

Building Brand Recognition

Digi Tech Resource Group helps businesses of all sizes to optimize their social media presence across multiple channels to help build brand recognition. With our Social Media Optimization services, you will receive a professional review of your current status, recommendations on how to improve your social presence and ongoing support from our team.

Target Specific Audience

The Digi Tech Resource Group (TDRG) is offering Social Media Optimization Services to Target Specific Audience to improve ROI and increase traffic. We can develop posts and content around your goals and KPI’s, optimize them across all major social media platforms, track progress via analytics and metrics.

Competitive Ad Campaigns        

Digi Tech Resource Group is an innovative B2B marketing agency that specializes in social media strategic planning and digital advertising. Our team has a proven track record of successfully launching, managing and maintaining ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We help our clients increase their customer acquisition by creating custom marketing plans designed to attract the right people who will convert into leads and sales.


Facebook Ads Management

Digi Tech Resource Group offers Facebook Ads Management Services. We offer help on setting up and managing your FB campaigns, so that you can reach the right audience, in the right format at the right time for maximum returns. Our team have years of experience in digital marketing solutions, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure that your business gets the best return for money spent on advertising.

Twitter Ads Management

We’re excited to offer our Twitter Ads Management Services to help you grow your business through the popular social network. Digi Tech Resource Group specializes in creating and managing high-quality ads to generate sales and increase your brand awareness. We optimize your ad, increase click-through rates, minimize negative feedback and always keep a close eye on your metrics.

LinkedIn Ads Management

With our LinkedIn ads management services, you can focus on building your brand and reaching more people, without having to worry about managing your campaigns. Our team will take care of everything from creating compelling and creative ads to monitoring your success with campaign analytics and reporting.

Social Media Channels We Cover in Our Services      

Facebook Business Page Optimization

We create and optimize Facebook Business pages that are more effective and increase the ROI of your digital marketing activities. Our Facebook page optimization starts with creating a strong brand voice, and then develops cohesive, relevant content that attracts the right audience using copywriting tactics and persuasive standards of quality.

Twitter Business Page Optimization

Digi Tech Resource Group offers Twitter Business Page Optimization Services to get your business in front of the right people, at the right times.

Increase your business visibility on Twitter by increasing the number of followers and friends you have, as well as by improving your engagement through updates to your account.

Instagram Business Page Optimization

Digi Tech Resource Group offers a wide range of Instagram Page Optimization Services. Our Social Media Experts will help you create a highly optimized, engaging and visually appealing social presence that reflects your brand’s personality.

LinkedIn Company Page Optimization

Digi Tech Resource Group offers LinkedIn Company page optimization Services for companies who want to grow their business and increase their brand awareness. We help you stand out from the crowd.

Youtube Business Channel Optimization

Digi Tech Resource Group can help you to optimize your Youtube Channel and get more views, subscribers and revenue. If you are looking for Youtube optimization consultation, please send us an email at

Leveraging your social media channels to increase brand awareness and drive more conversions. We do just that for our clients by utilizing multiple social sites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn so that you can generate a more targeted audience.