Custom Software Development

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From programming and testing the apps to building strategic roadmaps for end-to-end software development, TDTRG offers a wide range of top-notch custom development services. We have an expert team of developers with years of experience at their disposal. Occasionally, custom development is tailored according to the needs of the customer’s business. The Digi Tech Resource Group Provides the following services:

  • Android development
  • IOS development
  • Full-stack application development
  • Flutter development

Software Development Life Cycle

Featured Services of TDTRG

Inventory Management System

Custom software designed for Windows or macOS that enables a business to manage its inventory levels, sales, orders, and deliveries are professionally developed and maintained.

Software Modernization

After successful development, testing, and deployment, our client requests to take charge of their apps and software. Our specialists manage the software and regularly look after the updates.

API Integration Into Software

Integrate the latest API of well-known programs into your custom software and app to scale your business. Our programmers deploy API seamlessly using coding.


Artificial Intelligence is the most promising invention of the modern century. Leverage the power of AI solutions to develop custom apps and websites.

Languages We Master!

Our custom software development like commercial off-the-shelf software develops robust and high-quality applications. We have separate teams to develop apps and websites for varying languages. Often, we use HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the front end while node, PHP, Python, Golang, and dotnet for back-end development.

Methodologies for Custom Software and App Development


Developer Ops is an approach designed to facilitate work throughout the software development lifecycle. At TDTRG, our DevOps experts employ best industry practices in order to help your business achieve transparency and real-time decision making for any ongoing developments.


Agile methodology enables project management by breaking it into multiple phases and encouraging continuous collaboration and continuous improvement at every step. At TDTRG, our team is fully experienced with agile software development practices for providing top-quality products faster.


Scrum is an agile development methodology based on iterative processes that provides quick, flexible, and adaptable framework that brings value to software projects during development. Scrum ensures transparency in communication, collective responsibility and collective progress for your project.


The waterfall method is a sequential approach in which each phase of a project is fully completed before moving onto the next. Success of this approach rests upon both quantity and quality of work done on its frontend, here at TDTRG our team understands this ethos well and strives towards our planned goals with care and efficiency.

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