Custom Software Development

Services Offered by TDTRG

From programming and testing the apps to building strategic roadmaps for end-to-end software development, TDTRG offers a wide range of top-notch custom development services. We have an expert team of developers with years of experience under their belt. Occasionally, custom development is tailored according to the needs of the customer’s business. The Digitech Resource Group Provides the following services:

  • Android development
  • IOS development
  • Full-stack application development
  • Flutter development
E-commerce Website

Key Take aways In Custom App Development

Ui/Ux Design

Our creative design team envisions your ideas into reality to get a modern design. The enthralling masterpieces produced by UI/UX designers make your website or app more responsive. Get the best interface design and animation architecture experience from TDTRG.

Software Updates & Modernization

After successful development, testing, and deployment, our client pleas to take charge of their apps and software. Our in-house specialists manage the software and regularly look after the updates. The overhauling of software and applications is effectively handled from our side.

API Integration Into Software

Integrate the latest API of well-known programs into your custom software and app to scale your business. Our programmers deploy API seamlessly using coding.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the most promising invention of the modern century. Leverage the power of AI solutions to develop custom apps and websites. Our developers incorporate the new features of automation in software like chatbots.

Languages We Master!

We have separate teams to develop apps and websites for varying languages. Often, we use HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the front end while node, PHP, Python, Golang, and dotnet for back-end development.

Industries Covered By TDTRG For Custom

Software Development








Oil and Gas







Qualities for Custom software and App Development

The DigiTech Resource Group crafts, develop, use, and maintain software with extreme diligence and enthusiasm. We provide 100% satisfaction to our valuable customers with affordable rates and on-time delivery. Our custom software development like commercial off-the-shelf software develops robust and high-quality applications.

Economical Budget

TDTRG has always offered its services for custom software development at an astonishingly low cost than its competitors. We provide the most affordable and economical budget with prodigious services.

Valued Services

We proactively provide valued-oriented services with competitive advantages. By following emerging trends, and experienced developers, and incorporating the latest technology, you get a technology stack for valued services.

Return on investment (ROI)

The budget set for the development of custom software generates your money back as you get the developed application. It starts giving realistic profits on the investment used in web development.

Full stack Development

No need to look for other development agencies as we build custom software from scratch with all development services. Get full-stack development of your apps and software in all languages from our diligent team.


What is a custom software development?

The method to plan, design, develop, test, deploy and monitor the software with specific functionalities for a specific business.

What is an example of custom software?

Automated invoicing software, Content management system, customer relation management, hospital management software, automated business system, auto transport system are examples of custom software.

What technologies used to develop custom software?

Blockchain, Machine learning, Cloud computing, quantum computing and full-stack development is used to develop software.

How long does it take to build custom software?

Typically a custom software development process takes 3-4 months to complete. However, it totally depends on the number of developers available and complexity of the project.