Website Maintenance & Support

Website Maintenance & Support     

Your website is one of the most important assets you have in your business. With Digi Tech Resource Group, we can ensure that your website is maintained and optimized on a consistent basis. Our team will review any aspects of your website from security to back-end programming, with a goal of optimizing your site’s performance. We offer website maintenance and support with a promise to keep your site working smoothly. Our maintenance services include keeping your site updated and optimized, fixing errors, securing your site against hack attacks and other problems, removing malicious code and cleaning up the code that needs updating.

Digi Tech Resource Group specializes in Website Maintenance & Support Services, with over 20 years of experience we have provided this level of service with a dedication to excellence. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent service with guaranteed satisfaction throughout each phase of the process.

Our Activities:        

Maintaining your Website with Design and Skills      

Maintaining your website is an important aspect of keeping your site looking fresh, new and engaging for your visitors. Digi Tech Resource Group has web professionals who regularly update your website, changes content and images, upgrade themes and plugins to match your requirements. They also take care of technical issues that may arise on your site.  

Site Restructuring: analyze and improve site information architecture and structure

Digi Tech Resource Group specializes in website restructuring services, ensuring that your site is easy to navigate and search engine friendly. Our website restructuring services can help you make your current website more effective, which is a critical part of the business marketing process. When you get Digi Tech Resource Group’s website restructuring services, we will work with you solely on what needs to be done to present a professional and attractive business image.

Website Publishing: to keep content up-to-date

Digi Tech Resource Group offers complete and professional content update services that are guaranteed to work with your website and all of its users. We will be there for you with updates, corrections and suggestions which help keep your content updated in a controlled, and timely manner.

Updating Shopping Cart Products

Digi Tech Resource Group provides you with a professional solution to keep your shopping cart up-to-date. Our experienced team is here to provide you with the service that you need 24/7.

 Adding New Pages

We can add new services web pages to your website. The most important features to include in your Web site are the product pages, catalog, and contact page. The product pages should contain information about the product that is relevant to customers. The relevant products include those that are of interest to customers and are essential for them to complete their tasks. In addition, customers need additional information about quality, warranties, delivery times and cost. The catalog should be organized so as to provide ease in finding a specific product or service by using search engine queries.

Web Site Speed optimization

 Digi Tech is a web site optimization company that specializes in helping website owners and businesses increase their business presence on the web. With proven strategies and best practices, we can help drive your traffic to your site, keep users on your site longer and convert users into customers.

Web site migration Services  

Digi Tech Resource Group offers Web Site Migration and Transfer Services. We help you with your Web Site Upgrades, Web Site Migration and Transfers. Our in-house migration team will provide technical support for your transfer (website to new server), and also offer on-site assistance during the move process to make sure all website links are working properly in the desired new location.

Version and Plugins updates

Digi Tech resource Group is a full service IT service provider offering web Version and Plugins updates Services, Managed Services, web Site Hosting & Software updates.

Website Quality Assurance: To spot errors on a sitee

Digi Tech Resource Group provides quality assurance services with a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who specialize in: Website Design; Web Development; Maintenance & Support contracts; Content Management Systems (CMS); Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS), Data Security Software Architectures, Multi-Tenancy Architectures, Web Server & Application Deployment.

Website Performance Monitoring: To measure success

Website monitoring helps you identify your site’s performance problems in real-time. Our services capture webpage availability, average web page load time, and web page functionality, among other performance indicators.

Website Infrastructure Monitoring: To supervise hosting

Digi Tech Resource Group is a website infrastructure monitoring and management company. We help organizations monitor, manage, and improve their websites by providing custom-built monitoring solutions, consulting services and related support.

Change Control: To manage technical and other changes in a coordinated way

To manage technical and other changes to the website, web change control is a must. Digi Tech Resource Group’s Certified IT Services Administrator will help keep your website on pace with the times by providing the tools you need to manage technical and other changes to your website.




Some of the Few Platforms Maintenance Offered by Us :

  • Shopify Maintenance
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Magento Website Maintenance
  • Laravel Website Maintenance
  • Custom PHP Website Maintenance
  • Nodejs / Angularjs / Reactjs Maintenance

Why Choose TDTRG as Your Website Maintenance Partner?

Quick Support

We Are Always Ready to Help Whether it’s technical support on your website or an eCommerce solution, we are here to provide the best possible experience. You can always get in touch and let us know if we can help!

Well-experienced Team

TDTRG is a highly experienced team of web experts who specialize in maintaining websites and customizing websites. We deliver high quality website maintenance services at an affordable price.

Process without Hassle

We provide customized, on-demand website maintenance plans to increase your website’s performance and speed. There is no contract, so it’s easy to cancel or change your plan at any time.