CRM Development

Custom CRM Development Services

We specialize in CRM design and development for small-to-medium businesses who are looking for a better way to manage their sales pipeline.

Our team is here to provide a strategic solution for all your needs as a CRM development company. Through Digitech Resource Group’s expertise, we will deliver a tailored CRM solution that fits your requirements for each stage of your company’s growth.

Fully Customizable

We can work from scratch or build off a legacy CRM platform that you already use.

Completely Agile

We use collaborative design techniques to work on projects faster than any other company can—delivering exceptional service at an affordable price.

Simplify Business Processes

Put your prospects through a streamlined sales funnel with an integrated CRM system to automate lead qualification, data collection, and sales campaign management.

Greater User Experience

We consider how our customers use our products—and how they could use them better—so you can focus on what matters most.

More Security

Take control of the security settings that affect how data is shared across your enterprise so you don’t have to worry about what others might do without authorization.

Powerful Analytics

With powerful analytics and custom reporting tools, Digitech Resource Group will provide insights on your customers’ behavior and engagement to allow you to measure the ROI on every single marketing campaign.

Save money

CRM development is pricey – but not when you work with Digitech Resource Group. There are various CRM development solutions we can offer at a fraction of the cost you would expect from other companies.

Look professional

It’s one thing to save money on CRM development services; it’s another thing entirely to make a good impression. Digitech Resource Group is committed to ensuring our solutions are designed well and are visually polished so they can meet all of your needs while still saving you money.

Unmatched Customer Service

Our commitment to customer service is unparalleled. We provide live customer service, answer emails promptly, are always available via phone or chat, and proactively keep our clients updated on their projects.

Fast Turnaround

We pride ourselves on timely responses and delivery; we don’t want our clients waiting around! If a client needs a new CRM built urgently, we guarantee an overnight turnaround time.

CRM Building Expertise

With over twenty years of CRM development experience, we’re confident we can build the perfect CRM for any company’s needs!

Services Offered

CRM Integration

Digitech Resource Group offers a comprehensive CRM integration. Our intuitive and flexible platform allows us to integrate with your existing systems, ensuring that you have a full view of your customers, employees and assets.

CRM Migration

Digitech Resource Group is a CRM migration service provider. Our team has experience in migrating CRM systems to the latest platforms and migrating from one vendor to another.

CRM Customization

Digitech Resource Group provides CRM customization services to help you reach your goals. We specialize in customer relationship management (CRM), but can also create customized ERP and HR systems for small business owners and corporations.

Mobile CRM Solutions

Digitech Resource Group offers comprehensive Mobile CRM Solutions, called Digital Transformation. At Digitech Resource Group we believe that technologies like AI and Machine Learning are the future of business, and by leveraging these new technologies, companies can eliminate unnecessary steps in the customer lifecycle and spend less time on tedious tasks resulting in increased engagement and higher profits for your business.

CRM Software Development

Digitech Resource Group is a CRM Software Development Firm specializing in building custom customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. We help customers realize the full benefits of social and mobile marketing, big data analytics and advanced analytics, collaboration and information systems, customer experience management (CEM), data warehousing, visualization and business intelligence.

CRM Implementation

Digitech Resource Group is a CRM implementation company that offers a full range of services to help your business improve its bottom line. Our expert teamof professionals will work with you to identify your needs and develop a strategy that takes advantage of the latest technology in the industry.

CRM Support

Digitech Resource Group has been providing technical support for CRM systems for more than 10 years. Our team of professionals is experts at helping small businesses with their CRM problems and we can offer you the same service at a cost that simply cannot be beat.