20 AI Tools That Will Reshape the Future In 2023

When Open AI released an NLP product called ChatGPT, everyone said it to be the future of information technology. Rightly so, it truly is changing the working of IT experts. It has revolutionized, designing, writing, and information-gathering sources. Some days ago, they released ChatGPT in mobile application format. Users can now access ChatGPT without going to the web. Generative AI tools use the AI technology launched in recent years after the arrival of ChatGPT. Some of the apps use the API of ChatGPT. In this article, I will take you through the 20 new AI tools that are startups, but their unique ideas and solutions are constantly helping to build a reputation.

1. Microsoft designer

Microsoft Designer is an AI-powered designing tool that can generate social media posts, Instagram posts, designs for websites, and other graphics results like Adobe Photoshop, however, it is free of cost.

2. AutoGPT by SamurAI

This plugin enhances your search on ChatGPT. It is now a hot-in-demand plugin on the web store. You need to enter the name, role, and goal of your AI to enhance the functionality of ChatGPT. You can tailor the functionality of chatGPT according to your needs.

3. Snack prompt

Snack Prompt is an AI tool where you can make profiles and search posts in the categories of writing, research, animation, fantasy, design, relationship, legal, and music business. Snack prompt allows you to follow the best prompters on snack prompt.

4. GPTforwork

It is a tool developed for Google Sheets and acts as an assistant for Google Sheets, hence can be called SheetGPT. You can use ChatGPT within sheets and give prompts for required usability. However, tokens are required to use the GPTforwork. Users can write, edit, summarize, classify, explain, etc on Google Sheets.

5. ChatGPT for Gmail

It is a free web Chrome extension for Gmail that auto-completes the emails for the users. To auto-write the reply for a mail, users can deploy ChatGPT for Gmail. It will generate the complete email after reading the received mail. A Free Open source browser extension for Gmail that completes emails for you using ChatGPT. You can write just the main context of the email and let ChatGPT add manners and conjunctions for you.

6. Finchat.io

Finchat is an AI-powered tool that uses the API of the Chat GPT model. This AI was developed to ease the financial language. It can help you understand topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, credit scores, insurance, and taxes. In short, it is ChatGPT for finance.

7. AI code mentor

AI Mentor is an innovative digital instructor who uses Machine learning algorithms to explain how a program works. It explains the working of code for different programming languages at all levels especially for beginners. You can copy the code and paste it into the mentor display box to explain the code in a simple or complex manner.


It can help you to write scripts, emails, essays, and songs as you speak. Well, to be precise, it is not a voice-to-text converter but an AI tool that reshapes your words more professionally. You just have to select the response you want from OASIS AI. Song, email, essay, summary, blog post, Twitter thread, professional email, etc are some of the responses you can select to generate the text.

9. Cohesive.so

It is a powerful AI tool that frees you from using prompts on ChatGPT again and again. You can simply select the category and get your desired results, even the AI-generated images. It offers cold email marketing, blogs, youtube descriptions, customer reviews, Posts for Linkedin, FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram, their replies, grammar correction, storytelling, Amazon product descriptions, FaceBook and Google Ads, scientific reports, etc.

10. Kreado AI

Kreado AI is an AI-powered video-generating software where users can create videos with real characters or virtual avatars. Without hiring script writers, cameramen, artists, and actors users can create videos for advertising or marketing purposes. By using their AI model tool, users can promote products or services for companies.

11. AdsGency AI

Get rid of hiring a digital ads agency, and wasting a huge chunk of money. Now you can make digital ads for your brands and boost the marketing for your company, track and analyze the results of your ads free of cost.

12. Sttabot

Gone are the days when you would need a developer and designer to make your website and application. Using Sttabot, you can make applications for yourself within no time and without coding experience. Users can define the functionalities of the app and get the app developed after providing the relevant prompts. You can edit the themes, font, and color of the derived apps and personalize them.

13. Travel AI

Travel AI is the first AI-powered application to detect your movements and tracks the record of your journey. It monitors whether you are watching a movie, lying in bed or traveling in the car, on a bike, or walking without consuming your internet.

14. Guide AI 

You can create the virtual guides in audio from your laptop for historical places and when someone buys it, you get the profit. These guides help the visually impaired to better understand the area and tourists can enjoy the trip. These audio guides generated through Guide AI are available in 11 different languages.

15. Cheat Layer 

The cheat layer helps you to automate your business. If you want to grow the collection of cheat codes, use the cheat layer. You can convert automation into products using


It’s just ChatGPT for your WhatsApp. It acts like an assistant for you on WhatsApp. You can send text or even voice messages to get a response from WAGPT. Users can get rapid insight into their queries by chatting with the AI assistant like a usual chat.

17. Pod

It is a need of the hour. Pod helps to digitize educational institutes and also helps to provide jobs and internships to students. It helps to build the careers of students graduating from universities. Academia, students, and companies get on a single platform, where they collaborate.

18. FlairAI 

A designing platform that generates immersive designs using the prompts. The instructions given by the users should be specific FlairAI uses AI to create the background of images and gives a new revamped setting to the images.

19. SEOanaliz

Get the SEO analysis of your website using the power of AI. SEOanaliz helps you to get detailed technical SEO reports and track the performance of your suite.

20. WhatTheAI

It is the largest AI directory for businesses, especially for SAAS and AI software. It has a listing of 3000+ tools in 60 different categories. If you are interested in searching the listing of any AI app, you can enter whatTheAI and search the app. It contains all information like the launching date,


All the above AI softwares is developed using ML and NLP. They are trained on a large amount of data. The Digitech Resource Group is one of the best AI companies in the world, They have an office in New York and have a team of hundreds of AI developers, research scientists, and ML engineers who are working tirelessly to make unique tools and software, The automation and AI tools created by their team are superb and are one of the most downloaded software on the internet. If you are interested in getting a free quotation on our Artificial Intelligence services, feel free to mail us at info@tdtrg.com.

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