9 Stellar Confirmation Email Examples to Inspire You

9 Inspiring Confirmation Email Examples

Email marketing is a significant component of most organizations’ digital marketing efforts and with good reason. It enables you to reach your target audience directly in their inboxes, and in most cases, people deliberately sign up for your emails so they want to hear from you. However, not all emails are sales-related. You may send several types of emails to stay in touch with your audience, one of which is the often-overlooked confirmation message. This page will look at nine outstanding confirmation email examples to help you understand some best practices for composing them.

1.   Recess 

The first confirmation email on our list is from Recess. This email stands out for one reason: it’s enticing. The design is simple, and the color scheme is appealing, making it enjoyable to look at. It also incorporates humor (“We released the carrier pigeons”) to increase appeal.

Both of these strategies are effective at drawing consumers in. Making your emails appealing extends beyond confirmation emails. All of your marketing emails should include this. Still, it’s vital to remember.

2.   Lucid Fox

Lucid Fox provides another excellent example of a confirmation email. This email may surprise you because it contains nothing to click on. There are no links or buttons (except for the typical “unsubscribe” link at the bottom)—just an image and a short text snippet to let the recipient know they’re ready to travel.

Of course, there are better options for some confirmation emails. However, it works for emails like this one, which certifies that the recipient is not required to do anything extra. Avoiding links and buttons reinforces the notion that users may rest without clicking.

3.   Confetti

Confetti’s email is the next in our collection of confirmation email samples. In contrast to the last example, this email contains a prominent button. Indeed, this is the email’s most notable feature.

The entire email is fundamental, with a core call to action (CTA). That CTA is where your attention is instantly pulled. This email does an excellent job of explaining where to click and what to do.

4.   Paramount+

At first glance, this email from Paramount+ accomplishes the same goal as the Confetti email. It is centered around a single CTA button that users can click. However, this CTA button takes people to the streaming platform to begin viewing, while the Confetti CTA only allows users to confirm their email address.

This is an excellent illustration of a confirmation email where you should refrain from following Lucid Fox’s advice and avoid buttons and links. If you go that route, users might not even use your product or service. But you can make sure they visit your website or app by putting a button they can click.

5.   Paddy wax

Paddy Wax provides another example of a confirmation email. In addition to being a handy confirmation of a product transaction, this email also contains details about the products the recipient has purchased. This way, the user will know immediately if the order is processed incorrectly.

For instance, it’s possible that the consumer requested an extra item, but the order was accidentally mishandled. They’ll know that something went wrong and can fix it if they don’t see it mentioned in the email.

Additionally, the email features a button that lets the receiver follow their package as it is delivered, but it is obscured in the picture above.

6.   Hotel Tradewinds

One of the better instances of a confirmation email is the Tradewinds Hotel. This email includes information about the hotel reservation the receiver booked from Paddywax. The user now has a convenient way to confirm such facts before the day of booking, which is incredibly beneficial.

Beneath the booking details, the email also includes extra information to let the receiver know what to expect at the hotel.

7.   EverlyWell

Everlywell’s example of a confirmation email highlights the significance of continuing to offer value to clients even after their purchase has been confirmed. In this email, Everlywell first verifies the recipient’s new membership before offering more beneficial information regarding their membership status.

That information includes a detailed procedure detailing the new member’s following actions. The email also has several buttons that point to more details on the Everlywell website or app; however, they are obscured in the image above.

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