Best App Design and Development Practices for Success

If you are an avid mobile user, then you might use applications on it. Google play store and Apple store are some of the stores offering applications for your mobile phone. Huawei has recently launched its own platform after the ban of applications by the USA in its cell phone.

These stores offer a wide range of mobile apps used for various purposes. You can explore gaming apps, education related applications, and all finance and news related apps. Your app can only succeed if it is well designed and has a better user experience. If your app has good user experience, it means it will get marketing automatically. The attractive visuals of the website and application along with best app development methods leads to successful ventures.

Best App Design and Development Practices for Success 

App Design best practices 

  1. Hand gestures
  2. Notifications
  3. User friendly
  4. Customer pain points

App Development best practices 

  1. Eany to use language:
  2. Readable content:
  3. ASO strategies
  4. Check the competitors
  • custom mobile app development services
  • iphone mobile app development
  • Windows mobile app development
  • Android mobile app development
  • cross platform mobile app development company

App Design best practices 

1. Hand gestures 

The design of your app should be user friendly and users of every age should be able to access the app. Try to use pinching, swinging, zooming, panning effects. The gestures in your app should be easy in a sense that most commonly used hand gestures should be used. There should also be integration of voice gestures to control the traffic and movement on the application.

2. Notifications 

The app should be designed in a way that all the notifications should be visible. You can create a bell icon at the top and users can receive notification. The notifications are useful in telling the user all about his search and information related to his business etc.

3. User friendly 

Keep the design of your app intriguing and catchy. A catchy design attracts users to spend more time on the app. By giving a simple design that works best with great speed you ensure seamless working of your application.

4. Customer pain points 

Add slogans and keywords that show the users where to click on the app for moving at their desired location in the app. For example: If you are designing a food app, then highlight the discount button with bright colors. If it is an education or learning app, then clearly instructs where the users should click for the proper course.

App Development best practices 

Either you are looking for App Development best practices or web Development best practices, I have got you covered. I will let you know the best strategies that developers may use for creating applications.

Eany to use language: 

The programming language used must be according to the design and requirement of the product. I will prefer programming languages that are widely used around the world to build apps like node.js, flutter, CSS, and swift to hire the best developers in the team. Plus you can get more projects to build custom apps of such language.

Readable content:

The content on the app should be readable and understandable for all age groups. The written material on apps should be precise and clearly elaborate your apps mission and value provided to users in minimum number of word counts.

ASO strategies 

Rank your applications in the stores. For that use application store optimization rules to ensure you appear at the top of the searches. Our ASO specialists use recommended policies by Google play store, Apple store and Huawei store to upload, manage and rate your application.

Check the competitors 

You must ensure that the competitors of your niche are not way ahead. Check what they are doing and follow the trend set by top applications.

custom mobile app development services 

Creating mobile applications is a hectic work but you can earn a huge chunk of money within less time. Using special frontend and backend languages for mobile applications can create appealing websites. These websites may use flutter, react native, HTML or CSS language.

Scala, JavaScript, Dart, Ruby, Rust, Lua and Script are the well known mobile app programming languages.

iphone mobile app development 

iphone mobile apps generally require extra features to be added in the Apple play store. IOS applications require swift programming language which obviously coders find it difficult. However, TDTRG has a specific team that only works for the projects of iphone mobile applications. Our Iphone mobile application services are famous all over the world as we have created over a dozen apps. Due to constant

Windows mobile app development 

Our developers also manage to create mobile apps that can be operated on windows cellphone. Windows cell phones have not gained much of a popularity but still their demand is increasing day by day. We have also partnered with Microsoft 365 to create add ons.

Android mobile app development 

Get the ready to go mobile apps of any category for android mobiles. We have been ranked on play store as our apps are rated 5 stars. We have acquired 12 million plus downloads on Google play store.

Cross platform mobile app development company 

The Digi Tech Resource Group is famous for creating apps that are being uploaded on Apple store as well as Google store. We have created mobile apps on entertainment, games, religion, music, education, learning, gambling, digital services, health and fitness. You must hire dedicated mobile app developers like TDTRG to get the best apps for your business. If you are interested to get more information on our services, message us at

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