Crafting a Culture of Excellence: Building the Best Workplace Environment

Leaders don’t aim for mediocrity. Do you agree? Who wakes up every morning thinking “Let’s create some mediocre results today!”? Not likely. Leaders want to harness full potential, pursue hyper-growth, build an efficient organization and foster lasting change.

“Many leadership, corporate culture and training and development programs produce short-term gains that quickly disappear when teams return to old habits”.

Leadership teams of any organization face a constant struggle to create an enduring culture of excellence throughout their organization. A culture of excellence will transform your organization from stagnation into excellence expectations by building one, organizations build organizational capacity as well as create structures which empower, focus and engage employees.

Change and growth mindset should become part of your company, not simply as an occasional solution to problems. Equipping teams with the appropriate mindset and tools necessary for creating results becomes paramount to ensuring long-term success.

Your organization’s corporate culture can play an instrumental role in moving it from status quo to an expectation of excellence.

How is company culture impacting results?  

Company culture serves as the cornerstone of your business, without it, your performance goals may never be reached no matter how much effort and investment are expended. Many executives mistakenly view corporate culture as an intangible concept. Culture encompasses more than the inspirational quotes on the wall and colorful bean bags found in the canteen. Industry leaders often suggest that you can repair the culture through team-building activities or skill training programs alone. While developing your human resources is vitally important, one-off events like these simply put out small bushfires without taking into account current climate or environment issues.

“Team building activities and training sessions often focus only on treating symptoms rather than the core problems within cultures.”

Culture may sometimes be seen as intangible, but it’s certainly tangible and can be measured. By prioritizing culture you are unlocking all the potential within a company and accessing real growth. Key characteristics of an exceptional culture include:

1. Purpose and Meaning

Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs indicates the three core needs every human possesses:

How Can We Feel Secure In Our Belongings?

Iron and steel structures are essential in providing strength and support to their structures, helping the user feel safer within them. Employees in an atmosphere of excellence experience all three needs: safety, belonging, and significant work. When employees feel secure in an atmosphere that prioritizes these three needs they experience all three needs at once. They feel safe because there is trust among peers; feel part of something bigger than themselves by contributing their skillset towards an organization’s performance, feel valued as individuals by adding value, feel that what they’re working on matters meaningfully and purposefully.

2. Focused on High Performance

Up or Out was one of Deloitte’s core values when I began my career, and this ethos permeated throughout every level of the organization, motivating everyone to bring their best everyday. Companies often focus on short-term problem-solving rather than working towards their long-term vision, but this can create serious difficulties as focus shifts away from what really matters. Managers sometimes empower poor performers by devoting too much energy to addressing their issues while neglecting to recognize or reward those that excel. An organization which creates a culture of excellence sets an expectation of high performance across its entirety. Every employee is supported and encouraged to become a master in their role and area of expertise, with high performers being nurtured, rewarded, mentored and recognized while average performers are guided towards high performance levels. Low performers are no longer welcome within such environments; either they rise to meet these standards or leave altogether! No room exists for low performers – either up or out!

3. Clear Vision

To successfully develop an outstanding culture of excellence in an organization, every employee must understand not only its vision but also his/her roles and responsibilities in helping it realize it. I liken this situation to playing soccer; everyone understands what is at stake and where goals should be scored; team members know exactly where they stand in regards to roles and responsibilities for success – everyone knows who has their back; this way everyone knows why they’re there together in unison and trust each other completely throughout.

4. Accept Change, Challenges and Growth

Everybody desires change; however, only a select few want it. This poses a unique challenge to change and most organizations tend not to embrace change or challenge as an asset; most often fearing disruption to employee focus and goals; in reality though those that embrace challenge and change best achieve excellence; embracing daily progress through changes is vital for survival in today’s digital world; in an environment of excellence employees develop flexibility and resilience to deal with daily progress along with challenges or uncertainty that comes their way.

5. Pioneer Mentality

To foster an environment of excellence means striving to achieve nothing short of excellence and not accepting subpar results. Focusing on creating something never done before and setting new records are hallmarks of pioneering. Elon Musk epitomizes this approach. His companies (PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX) have broken new barriers while opening up new pathways. Employees and teams are encouraged to explore, co-create and explore further to meet shared goals together.


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