Dedicated Software Developers or Freelance Developers: Which is Better?

Software development has reached new heights over recent years. Most firms in every industry need software developers at some point or another. At times like these, organizations find themselves in an impasse. Hiring managers are often confused over which candidate or team to hire to strengthen the business. Is it better to hire a dedicated development team than freelancers?

Who Are Freelance Software Developers?

Freelancer developers work on short and medium-term contracts for multiple companies and charge by the hour – this means they do not belong to one specific employer, but take on specific tasks and projects on behalf of themselves as independent freelancers. Freelance developers are self-employed business owners who work under their own terms and conditions.

What Is a Dedicated Development Team? 

A dedicated development team is an outsourced collaborative model in which a client works closely with a development team on an extended basis. When you hire one, a professional team specifically chosen for your business goals joins forces with you, effectively becoming part of your staff and technically becoming employees themselves.

However, unlike employees, you can concentrate on running your business without being distracted by taxes, payroll, or social benefits. Instead, your development partners will take care of those matters that matter while you focus on developing it further.

Why Should You Hire a Dedicated Development Team Rather Than Freelancers?

In order to complete their tasks effectively and offer high-end products, organizations exert great effort using enterprise-level technologies and tools. Hiring a dedicated development team provides many advantages over freelancing freelancers for any business.

Some of the examples are:

1. Expertise

No matter the industry you operate in, competence is of utmost importance. Before hiring developers it is imperative to assess their skills; seek out candidates with similar project experience as yours and look for candidates with previous work history similar to your project.

Developers’ expertise will come in handy at all times, from working under pressure to designing an outstanding product. Dedicated developers tend to possess more expertise than freelancers since they collaborate with other team members within a company and learn while performing execution of work orders.

Dedicated developers typically become highly proficient by working as part of a team within an organization or enterprise, gaining invaluable experience and industry know-how that could only be gained within its workflow; freelancers act more as team extensions.

2. Resources and Development Team

When hiring dedicated developers from third-party companies for development work, they provide support from their end to ensure you complete the project on schedule. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance for these businesses so they make sure that each of their developers has all the necessary resources necessary for building what their clients require.

Recruitment companies also offer dedicated development teams if that is what is required of you. Hiring top developers through them allows you to give multiple projects at once without worrying about meeting deadlines or delivering on time.

3. Security

Business is all about security. Hiring just any developer for the task at hand would be reckless as sharing sensitive data could spell disaster for the organization. Your and the project’s confidentiality could be at stake. To safeguard it, conduct a recruitment process for dedicated developers before hiring one and signing a contract. Businesses and employees typically sign confidentiality agreements upon hiring, which they must abide by under any circumstance.

4. Reliability and Quality

When hiring developers for your project, you can expect high quality as they will go through a selection procedure at your company to ensure they possess the appropriate skills for the task at hand. Compared with freelancers, dedicated software teams may be more reliable as they expect a long-term partnership between themselves and you. On the flip side, hiring freelancers cannot guarantee their commitment as they may juggle multiple projects simultaneously and focus on something they find more exciting or relevant instead of your project.

5. Availability

When working on a project, you’ll want a developer available whenever needed. They should be flexible enough to get work done when necessary and always be available when it’s convenient for you, one of the biggest advantages to hiring dev teams.

6. Communication

An essential aspect of any successful firm is communication. No matter how gifted your engineers may be, without being able to connect with them properly they won’t make an impressionable first impression. Developers dedicated solely to your needs will be more readily accessible via phone, email, or any other form of communication so that any changes or requirements can be discussed quickly with them. Since freelancers work on multiple projects at once, they will need more flexibility than a dedicated developer would offer.

7. Pricing

Comparing freelancer costs against those of employing dedicated development teams reveals which one offers greater value. Freelancers usually charge per hour or project; on the other hand, dedicated developers will usually be on your payroll and you’ll pay them monthly salaries instead. Now let me tell you more about where and how to hire a dedicated development team for your company. There are various avenues available for hiring top developers globally, such as recruitment agencies but I will suggest you reach TDTRG directly.


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