Exploring the Best IT Outsourcing Models for Maximum Productivity and Efficiency

IT outsourcing has increased over the last decade with more and more service providers emerging worldwide. So what are the engagement models and what are the types of IT outsourcing models?

Increased staff, specialized teams, and project outsourcing are three important aspects of the IT outsourcing model that apply to many IT outsourcing collaboration concepts. Each partnership model has unique advantages and meets specific needs.

This article explains the processes involved in each model and highlights key points to consider when making decisions.

Exploring the Best IT Outsourcing Models for Maximum Productivity and Efficiency

  • Right Choice in IT Outsourcing Model
  • Staff Operations
  • Dedicated Teams
  • Project Outsourcing
  • Understanding the IT Outsourcing Collaboration Processes
  • Staff Augmentation Process
  • Conclusion:

Right Choice in IT Outsourcing Model

Staff augmentation is designed for organizations that have an in-house IT department but need to grow by purchasing additional IT layers with different skills and functions.

Staff Operations

If your organization already has an in-house IT department but needs to expand the team due to business growth, the Collaboration model is necessary. This integration model is ideal when your department needs to add cross-functional IT resources (software developers, application support engineers, QA analysts, and project managers, etc.) to cover your company’s specific IT projects. You can request one or more employees based on your needs, each of whom will be an important part of your in-house IT team. By choosing a shared workforce model, you can connect directly with your existing team to access professionals with the skills you need, empowering you to solve larger IT problems and complete larger projects.

Microsoft Teams is a good choice when you need to establish a new team that will be responsible for a specific IT project to be managed in your organization.

Dedicated Teams

Whether you have an in-house IT team or not, the Dedicated Teams collaboration model is a great choice. It is often used when you need to bring the entire team together to cover a specific project (or projects) managed by your company. In this case, Trello brings together the entire team required to implement the project, including application developers, QA, project managers, and other relevant functions. What you will receive is a ready-made team of IT experts dedicated to the success of your project.

Project outsourcing is ideal for organizations that do not have an in-house IT team and need to have custom solutions developed for them by external companies specializing in software development.

Project Outsourcing

This collaboration model is designed for organizations that do not have an in-house IT department or technical expertise but need to develop custom software/IT solutions to solve specific business problems. By choosing to outsource a project to an experienced software development services provider, you rely on their expertise from the start of the project until its successful completion.

In other words, the development, management, and quality assurance are the responsibilities of the vendor, and the solution is built according to clearly pre-set requirements and a pre-determined timeframe. The progress of the project is tracked with regularly occurring meetings. The final solution is given to the client for checking as soon as it is completely developed and thoroughly tested.

Understanding the IT Outsourcing Collaboration Processes

Staff Augmentation Process

  • The client is faced with a specific business challenge related to the IT department extension.
  • The customer expresses interest in the IT provider’s services to find a solution to a specific challenge.
  • The customer sends an inquiry to the IT provider about the need to acquire individual resources from different IT areas with special skills that the customer manages.

A pre-meeting is organized where the specifics of the challenge, basic requirements and budget constraints are outlined. The provider shares knowledge that meets the customer’s specific challenges and provides information on available resources and pricing models.  The IT provider prepares and sends an official offer. The seller initiates communication with the owner of each business unit of the client.


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