Google Search Lab Launches Waitlist for Its New Ai Search Engine

Google made an eagerly anticipated announcement at its annual Google I/O conference, unveiling a range of significant upgrades to its search engine powered by generative artificial intelligence (AI). These enhancements, collectively known as the Search Generative Experience (SGE), promise to revolutionize the way users interact with Google Search, particularly when it comes to everyday queries and shopping.

While these exciting upgrades are not yet available to the general public, Google introduced a new program called Search Labs, providing users with the opportunity to gain early access to experimental features. This initiative allows users to experience and provide feedback on cutting-edge AI-powered functionalities before they are officially released. For those eager to join the Search Labs program, here is a step-by-step guide on how to sign up for the waitlist:

Visit the Google Search Labs homepage

Begin by navigating to the dedicated Google Search Labs webpage, specifically designed for users interested in early access to innovative search features. Please note, if you find any error message saying “search labs are not available for you currently”. It means that you are signed in with a company account, if you wish to check the magic, log out from the company account and follow the steps. You must sign in to your Google account with your personal details. On the home page, click on the Sign in button. This particular button is located in the upper right-hand region.

Join the waitlist:

Once signed in, you will be redirected to a dedicated page where you can easily join the Search Labs waitlist. Look for the prominently displayed “Join waitlist” button and click on it to enroll in the program.

Wait for notification:

After successfully joining the waitlist, all that remains is to exercise patience. Be sure to regularly check the email account linked to the Google account you used to join the waitlist. It is through these communications that you will be notified if you have gained access to the Search Labs program. By following these three steps, you will have a chance of being among the first to deploy and use the new AI technology of Google Search. So, I will recommend you to explore new methods to get the most relevant results of your query.


Concluding the discussion, we can say that this new AI launch by Google is surely going to compete with Microsoft in the near future. As Google is revamping its approach to fight the As we are entering into the AI era, I will advise you to redesign and revamp all your digital strategies on automation and artificial intelligence system. Choose the best AI developing company that has experience in handling projects.

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What is search lab Google?

Search Labs is a program introduced by Google that allows users to gain early access to experimental features and upgrades in Google Search.

Is Google using AI in search engine?

Yes, Google is using artificial intelligence (AI) in its search engine. AI technologies and algorithms are used to enhance various functionalities of the search experience, such as understanding user search queries, translating search intent, ranking search results, and providing relevant and personalized information to users.

What is Google search engine AI called?

The AI technology used in Google’s search engine is known as the Search Generative Experience (SGE). SGE corresponds to varying AI upgrades used by the search engine to provide easiness to customers, aimed to improve search queries,

Is Google search lab better than OpenAI?  

Google search lab is a new tool still in its beta version, while OpenAI is a tool that has amassed thousands of users within a short time. Both have their own cons and pros. It is not justified to compare Google Search Lab with OpenAI, as they have different purposes. Google Search Lab is a program that allows users to access experimental features in Google Search before it is officially released. While Open AI is a company that deals in creating AI models and NLP technologies.

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