Conquering the App Store: How to Build a Killer iOS App from Scratch?

Android and Apple users make up two halves of the global tech market. Swift code script is used to write the efficient iOS software that runs on Apple devices. Every one of the more than one billion Apple users globally has access to the App Store.

Developing an iOS app is a smart business decision on several fronts: it’s a simple way to address client concerns, expand your brand, and improve customer service. Let`s decode the process of developing an iOS app from scratch.

Develop an Idea

You can’t build an iOS app without first coming up with an app idea. It sounds very basic, but most people go into app development without a clear idea of what their end goals are. Building an app is a business-savvy move and one that will surely bring with it added exposure and revenue. But only if it’s done right.

The Apple App Store is incredibly competitive, with thousands of apps being launched every day. It means the market is oversaturated and, as apps continue to grow in popularity, it’ll only get more competitive. So many apps to choose from means there’s a strong chance that the type of app you’re looking to create won’t be original – but that’s okay! You just need a clear idea.

There are 6 main reasons behind most people’s app development plans:

  • To gain a competitive edge over competitors
  • To make your service/products more accessible to clients
  • To build brand awareness and increase your brand exposure
  • To communicate with your clients directly in an easier way
  • To increase client engagement with your brand
  • To reward loyal clients for their support

Do Market Research

Now that you have a concept in your head, it’s time to evaluate its viability. The kind of software you want to make will determine whether or not market saturation is a problem. For instance, there’s little chance that the new social media platform you’re interested in connecting the world through will succeed.

While it may not always be feasible, breaking into a similar market is no easy task in any industry. The App Store currently has millions of e-commerce apps, and thousands more are added every day. There will be many people selling similar items, such as clothing or household goods. Even when there are a lot of competitors in your sector, developing an app can still be useful for both you and your clients.

Doing in-depth market research is crucial to determining whether there is room for you on the market. Almost every aspect of your app design will be influenced and guided by the depth of your research, so you must get it right and start working on it early on.

To discover something similar, you must conduct a general search on the app store. You’ll be able to gauge the number of rival brands you face by looking at the number of competitors listed in the iOS store. Even though Android holds a larger global market share than iOS, with over 73% of the market, iOS still faces fierce competition.

Complete Competitor Analysis

After you have a firm grasp of the market, it is now necessary to understand your rivals. If your company is small, you probably know who your direct competitors are. Checking in with them instead of blocking them will prove to be quite beneficial in the long term.

First, check the App Store to determine which app is the most popular in your sector. It will be at the top for a reason. So download it and take a look to figure it out. Perhaps it has thousands of reviews, perhaps it has some special features, or it is just a functional app. Whatever it is, you must be aware of it, as well as what they’re doing that isn’t so good.

Even if you start from scratch and build the most exquisite and smooth software possible, there’s always room for improvement. Based on evaluations and firsthand experience, take notice of what other people aren’t doing so well when conducting competition research. Afterward, you can use this as leverage to distinguish and outperform other apps in the App Store.

Make a list of everything you observe about your competitors’ apps, categorize it into helpful things, things you could improve, and things you believe are ineffective, and compare it to your market research until you have a clear idea of what you want to pursue going forward.

Design Your iOS App

The design of an iOS app is the next stage of building an iOS app. Many people wrongly consider it the most difficult step in developing an iOS app, but it doesn’t have to be. When it comes to creating a mobile app, you have three primary options: use an online app builder, hire a company to make it for you, or send a message to Digi Tech Resource Group, LLC.

A variety of pre-packaged apps are essentially what you get when you use an app builder. All you have to do is browse the selection, select the design that best appeals to you, and then move forward with it. Based on the amenities they include as standard, some designs are more expensive than others, but there is usually a choice to fit every budget.

Using an app builder to build your app has the advantage that a qualified designer has already created the result for you, ensuring that the one you choose is completed to a high standard.

If you decide to work with a professional agency to develop your app, you will be starting from scratch. This implies that the possibilities are endless and you can recite a wish list. There are drawbacks to this, but it’s a terrific option if you’re creative and want something really special.

Build a Prototype

You must create a prototype before moving on to developing an iOS, Android, or desktop application. If you don’t, you won’t be aware of how realistically your software works. Though your app may appear perfect in theory, it’s possible that after building a prototype, you’ll find it lacks the overall finish or flow you had hoped for.

A prototype will be created for you as soon as you begin building your app when you use an iOS app builder. This allows you to monitor it at all times and the changes you make in real-time. This gives you more flexibility to experiment with the features and add or delete components whenever you’d like.

However, this may not be the case for those who hired developers to create their iOS applications. This is because everything will be written in, making it more difficult than just dragging and dropping components or arbitrarily adding and deleting things. If this is the path you’re going to pursue, it’s crucial to carefully consider your design because the process will take longer.

Test Your App

Testing is the next step in creating a scratch iOS application. Your prototypes ought to be prepared for A/B testing by now. You may test your app in several ways, starting with yourself. First and foremost, you and your team should test it out to ensure that your app has everything you intended.

After conducting your testing, you must assemble a focus group of people who belong to your target market. Your most trustworthy sources of input will be these. They will be able to advise you on the positive and negative aspects of your app. Create a questionnaire that each focus group participant can complete.

After testing is finished—don’t rush this step—you should review the input and start implementing the changes that need to be made. You will never be able to win over everyone all the time. However, it’s important to consider any recurring themes in the comments, such as distaste for a particular color or banner.

Launch Your App

The last step is to launch your app once you’ve planned it and built up sufficient buzz around it. At this stage, you should experience a range of emotions, ideally including pride and relief. To make sure your efforts aren’t in vain, continue the marketing campaign in the ensuing weeks or months.

Because the App Store is so competitive, it can take several weeks or months for an app to become popular. Thus, if your app doesn’t become widely popular right away, don’t get frustrated. With any luck, all of your hard work will have paid off, and people will be able to download your fully working iOS app to their iPhones and iPads.


Building an iOS app is a brave business idea but it can be risky if not executed properly. The Digi Tech Resource Group, LLC can assist if you’ve been considering creating an iOS app and are prepared to move forward. They have developed apps for Apple devices for years and have worked on some amazing projects. They would adore to accompany you on your iOS app development journey. Dial (855) 880 5222 for more details!

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