Unleash Your Creativity: A Marketer’s Guide to Engaging Social Media Posts

Social media is a great way to Social media strategy planning begins by setting your goals. Whether your ambition is to expand your team, build an expansive following, or foster more engaged communities, taking time to outline these as your first step is key in reaching them!.

Goals will ultimately dictate your social media marketing strategy and how much time and energy must be dedicated to campaigns.

Unleash Your Creativity: A Marketer’s Guide to Engaging Social Media Posts

  • Social Media Goals for 2024
  • Aim 1: Expand brand recognition
  • Aim 2: Business Generation
  • Aim 3: Bring Followers in for ROI
  • Aim 4: Increase Profits
  • Aim 5: Positive Change in Society
  • Tools Used for Social Media Posts

Social Media Goals for 2024

It is key that you set realistic social media goals, with smaller targets that allow you to scale your efforts within an affordable framework.

Below are a few social media marketing goals that businesses of any shape or size may pursue.

Aim 1: Expand brand recognition

Brand awareness refers to getting your name out there; 68% of consumers follow a brand on social media in order to stay up-to-date on products or services being released by said company.

Aim 2: Business Generation

Customers do not make purchases by accident. Are your followers aware of any new offerings or special promotions? Have you integrated your product catalog into social profiles, or run exclusive offers just for them? Social media provides you an avenue for generating revenue.

Aim 3: Bring Followers in for ROI

Expanding your audience means finding ways to introduce it to people who may not know about you yet while growing conversations surrounding your industry or business that matter the most. While searching social channels is impossible without some form of monitoring or listening capability, keeping an ear out for keywords, phrases or hashtags allows you to expand both core audiences as well as reach adjacent ones much quicker.

Aim 4: Increase Profits

46% of marketers plan to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of advertising spend to link social and business goals in 2024.

Social media can help generate leads or drive traffic directly to your website. From organic posts and ads to paid promotions, keeping an eye on conversions and click-through rates will allow you to determine your return on investment (ROI) with social media.

Any combination of the goals outlined here can help your social media marketing strategy achieve success, as they’ll enable you to identify which networks to tackle first. When in doubt, keep it simple by selecting only one or two goals as goals that your team can rally behind.

Aim 5: Positive Change in Society

Your brand can use the platform to showcase positivity among the public. Whatever your brand or product is, you may use this to counterfeit the negative beliefs about your products or the hazards of using it. Let’s take an example of a famous chocolate brand like dairy milk. Daily Milk can use social media to spread misinformation about the ingredients used in their brand.

Tools Used for Social Media Posts


Canva is an easy and accessible design tool with an abundance of templates and elements available. Ideal for Facebook banners, Instagram posts and Twitter headers alike Canva makes designing accessible even for those without experience in design. Its drag-and-drop interface makes Canva approachable even to those without any prior design knowledge.

Adobe Spark For those in search of more advanced design capabilities, Adobe Spark offers a wealth of customization options and templates that make creating striking social media posts effortless.


Snappa offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, making creating graphics quickly easy. Though there may not be as many customization options available to you than other tools, Snappa makes quick designs simple!


Hootsuite simplifies managing multiple social media platforms by enabling users to schedule posts across all of them from a central dashboard and providing analytics about post performance for easier tweaking of social media strategies.


Buffer is another top tool for scheduling social media posts, featuring an easy user-friendly interface that makes planning and evaluating posts simple. One standout feature of Buffer is its ability to suggest optimal posting times based on audience activity.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social When searching for a comprehensive solution, it may be beneficial to explore Sprout Social’s options. Not only does it have scheduling capabilities and analytics metrics available, but its engagement metrics make it easier to comprehend your audience and adjust your strategy appropriately.

Although not specifically a social media tool, Google Analytics can offer invaluable insight into how your social media efforts are driving visitors to your website. By setting up tracking codes with specific tracking parameters, ROI of social media campaigns can easily be calculated.


BuzzSumo is an invaluable tool for content research and social listening, enabling you to identify the most shared posts across various social media platforms and gain an idea of which topics are currently trending this can help you craft posts that are likely to go viral and generate results!

Keyhole offers real-time tracking of social media conversations. This tool is particularly beneficial in tracking hashtags and keywords related to your brand or industry, offering insights into what people are discussing online about it.


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