Mobile Application Form

What goals do you have for users to accomplish in your mobile app?
What will be the primary purpose of your mobile app?
Do you have an existing app and looking for a team to update the current version?
Do you have wireframes or app designs (PSD/AI files) ready for the application? Or would you like to avail our services on App Design?
Are you developing the app for internal or public use?
Please list some of your competitors.
Do you have any reference app(s), which works similar to your requirements? Please list the ones you found closest.
Would you provide us with detailed functional specifications for us to estimate the project? If you do not have functional specifications, would you like to avail services of our Business Analyst?
Do you have an internal development team?(Graphic Designers/ Developers) to collaborate on this project?
Would you like to avail services of a Test Engineer (QA)?
Would you like to avail assistance in iTunes/ Google Play submission?
What are the features or functionalities you are looking to integrate into your mobile app? Please give as many details as possible.
Is the proposed application expected to integrate with one or more of your existing applications? If yes, please provide a technical brief of these existing applications.
Are there any functionalities or features you are considering to incorporate in future releases?
Would you like to have a CMS for the app? (CMS is a system, which lets you add content and make day-to-day updates on your mobile app) [This is important, as we will have to leave a framework considering the future additions while coding the app]
Who are your target customers?
What are their demographics?
Does the app have many user types/roles with own associated features? (A different app for each user type?)
Are you considering the app to be multilingual & available in other stores?
Would you like us to design & develop a companion website for the app?
Is there any accessibility restriction outside of the US?
Does the app require mobile analytics integration for app usage tracking?
Are there any domain or region specific standards /regulations to comply with? (For example, related to security, documentation, design, etc.)
Will the solution require in-app purchase, payment gateway integration, multi-currency support, etc.?
Does the app require advertising management tools integration?
Please specify the type of app: B2B, B2C or B2E.
How would you want the app to be developed? Do you prefer using Cross Platform technologies or developing the apps natively across each platform?
What are the desired compatible devices & OS versions? Please provide required platform and OS versions. (Eg: iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows) [It is recommended to develop apps in the latest OS versions.]
Is the app expected to work in both Portrait and Landscape orientation?
What languages does the app need to support?
Would you like to have the app listed as free or paid?
Can the app be used offline (without internet connection)?
Would you need push notifications for your application?
If the solution is expected to have a web based backend, should it be developed in HTML 5 / be mobile responsive?
Does the app require an API to be integrated? If so, please indicate the API form. An API guide would be highly appreciated.
Would you like to integrate or use any third party API services for your application? (For Eg: Foursquare, Social network authentication such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Would you give an (approximate) idea of how many users are expected to access the app, create accounts, etc. (if applicable), especially concurrent users of internal enterprise app?
Would you give an (approximate) idea of the size of the files, number of files stored on the app at a given point of time (if applicable, that is, if the App deals with document, image, video/audio files).