100 Million Sign-Ups in a Day the New Twitter Rival Has Stormed Social Media

The CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg had announced the creation of a new social media app.

Threads by Instagram is a social media platform, launched by Meta company. The working module of Threads is similar to that of Twitter. Users can get access to Threads through Instagram, without installing Threads application. However, you can also download the app from the Google play store.

Meta has launched the platform in more than 100 countries at a time. In Europe, it is not launched due to the constitutional issues that European assembly passed some time ago, restricting the applications to get hold of the users sensitive data.

How to Sign up For Threads

To make an account on threads is relatively quite easy. Users just have to access their Instagram account and can click on the Threads.

  • Access Instagram and tap Threads.
  • Add the Bio of your threads profile.
  • Choose your privacy settings for the new profile.
  • Find and follow your Instagram followers on the new app.
  • Click to join the new application and voila, you are there.

Features offered by Threads:

You can write up to 500 characters in a single post and also upload a video and photo of 5 MB in a single thread. The layout is user friendly and quite similar to the Twitter. Many people are calling it a xerox of Twitter. However, it is still in trial phase and already hyped the digital world.

Record set by the Twitter competitor

The interesting fact is that as of now, Twitter has 450 million users while Threads has amassed 70 million sign-ups over night after its launch. The below Thread by Mark Zuckerberg states: It passed 5 million users in just 4 hours. Later on, Threads has passed 10 million users in 7 hours. It is worth mentioning that as of now, Threads has surpassed the record of 100 million users within limited time period.

Mark fired upon Twitter directly and said that the goal of Threads is to keep it friendly as possible. He further stated, “The only reason Twitter failed to achieve success is as it is less friendly and we will try to do things differently.” He further stated that although its is difficult but surely there will be a public conversation app with 1 billion + people. The Twitter had the best shot to break the record but they were not able to do this. But Threads will. Even the CEO of Instagram Adam Mosseri took on Elon and said, Twitter has become a volatile platform under Elon Musk and it has given us a chance to throw a risky move but worth trying. Many influencers had already been given their accounts on the social app.The celebrities are Karlie Kloss, Tony Robbins, Dana White, Gordon Ramsay, Ellie Goulding, Jack Black, Russell Wilson, and the Brazilian pop star Anitta.

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