Revamp Your Team Management Style: Expert Tips for 2024

In a professional workspace, you have to work under a dedicated team. Team means that there is a hierarchy that everyone follows. One is subordinate to the other. Juniors work in a team often under seniors. The senior roles of the company mostly comprise project manager, team lead, QA lead, and BD. The roles in the teams are divided and everyone has to work accordingly. Often we see that a company starts to boost its work capabilities as we diversify and bring innovation to the desk. In this article, I will tell you some of the ideas that team leads or project managers can implement to bring out the positivity in their team.

1. Assign Responsibility to Your Team Members 

The most successful company executives are aware of the value of ownership. Encouraging team members to take initiative simply entails granting them autonomy and holding them responsible for their contributions. A team member develops a sense of responsibility for his job when he is held accountable for it. He begins to view his work differently so that the team as a whole may benefit from his judgments.

Giving ownership may now be done in a variety of ways, such as managing a task’s responsibility or spearheading a project. It demonstrates that you have faith in the competence of your team members to handle a certain task. As you do this, you come to understand that in your company, nothing is more potent than boosting someone’s self-esteem.

2. Assure Effective Dialogue

One of the key elements that primarily affects team productivity is communication. Businesses fail when communication isn’t effective. Because misunderstanding results from a lack of communication, and miscommunication leads to many failures. Many prosperous companies rely heavily on efficient communication. Now, a project manager needs to make sure that team members are communicating effectively.

To assist team members in understanding their work duties, communication is essential. Furthermore, a communication breakdown might result in many misunderstandings inside the team, which will surely lower the team’s general productivity. To keep everyone in sync, think about developing an online course if you need to teach new hires, onboard existing staff, or have a location to store crucial data. Thinkific is an online learning environment where you can tailor your approach to your team’s and business’s needs.

3. Determine the advantages and disadvantages of your team

It becomes the responsibility of a manager or team lead to identify the abilities and capabilities of their teammates and to keep those things in mind when assigning work. Being aware of their skill set is essential to building a successful team.

For instance, you may force a team member who enjoys unconventional thinking to present original ideas to a customer or clients. Team members look forward to contributing to the workplace because they believe they are using their knowledge, skills, and abilities to the fullest. Encouraging them to play to their strengths will help improve and increase productivity in your office.

4. Team-building Exercises

The unity of the team members has a significant impact on the productivity of the team. An amicable team with a mutual awareness of strengths and shortcomings translates into a happy workplace. When there is internal happiness among team members, productivity and efficiency naturally increase.

It is possible that members of a team made up of diverse individuals won’t get along with one another. You may use team-building exercises to help the members of the team overcome their enmity against one another. It will bring some enjoyment and erase any resentment or misunderstandings among the group members.

5. Employ a Tool for Project Management

These days, it is hard to dispute the influence that online project management software has on increasing productivity and cooperation. Effective work management and improved teamwork may be achieved with the correct project management tool at your disposal.

One such online project management tool that consolidates your team members, and projects. By utilizing tools like group chat and conversations, you may increase your productivity exponentially.

6. Harmonious Workplace

Infrastructure and work environment plays a critical role in increasing team productivity and efficiency. A recent study found that an employee’s physical surroundings have a significant impact on their feelings, thoughts, and performance at work.

As a result, many businesses are considering this while creating the interiors of their offices. They take care to include natural elements like flowers and plants, bright lighting, and cozy couch arrangements. In addition to the physical surroundings, the atmosphere in the office affects team productivity. Office politics, domineering managers, and patronizing staff can all lower an organization’s general output and effectiveness.

7. Give your staff recognition

Workers perform optimally when provided with an incentive, most likely financial in nature. They would rather receive a little more from their superiors than just a “virtual pat on the back” because they want their efforts to be recognized. For this reason, to maintain employee motivation, many firms decide to put incentive programs into place.

A recent research found that 85% of workers felt more driven to perform well in return for a reward. These rewards can take the shape of money, freebies, paid time off, paid vacation, additional time off, lunch outs, etc.


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