Social Media Marketing: Boosting Engagement and Sales through Social Platforms

Advertising of the products or services offered by a company to users on social sites is called social media marketing. One can understand the need for marketing and branding in the 21st century. Social media has peeked in recent decades and one can not deny its power. I have seen a couple of dozens of medium and small enterprises that have flourished using Facebook. We will break down the social sites one by one to get a better understanding. In this article, you will read about

Social Media Marketing: Boosting Engagement And Sales Through Social Platforms  

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • SMM Or Paid Media

Social Media Marketing Tools 

  • Buffer:
  • Hootsuite:
  • Social Status:

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Role and Responsibilities of social media Marketers

why is social media marketing important

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FB shocked the world, once it set the stage from the doors of Harvard. Not many know, but it was built for internal communication with friends. All Things besides, now FB leads the social media race as its users have been increasing at an exponential rate in the last decade. I gotta say this after FB revamped its system from a mere social site to a business platform, things have escalated quickly for the tech market. You can purchase online and sell stuff to nearby buyers and sellers. Now they are planning to pay on the online market meaning it acts as a marketplace as well as a fintech app. In my opinion, Facebook is the best tool to increase the audience for your brand or company, Yes, you can definitely use FB to increase sales, boost profits, and increase reach with customers.


One of the most decorated social platforms not only for celebrities and politicians. Twitter, recently bought by multibillionaire Elon Musk, had revamped the policy and is already charging 8 dollars from the people who have a blue tick mark. All things aside, surely a business can use it to boost engagement with the public. However, the reach is less than FB. Most people who are on a digital platform, only use it to stay in touch with celebrities. However, limited use for business purposes indicates that the gap is still available for users.


Users can use Instagram ideally for business purposes. It is worth mentioning that most of the businesses on Instagram follow the e-commerce approach. The businesses of clothing stores, beauty and makeup products, cosmetics, skincare, and electronic accessories flourish on Instagram. Let me tell you that Instagram is also a social giant owned by Meta Corporation.

SMM Or Paid Media

  1. You can boost Social media marketing using paid advertising. SMM is just like search engine marketing, with the exception that its reach is more to the audience than SEM.
  2. Paid advertising on social media has increased after the Covid hit the world.
  3. Some of the most in-demand niches for marketing are information technology and web development,

Social Media Marketing Tools

For branding purposes, various social media tools are available with diverse features.

1. Buffer:

You can share, and organize your social content using Buffer. Buffer offers to Publish, Reply, Analyze, and social media content. You can schedule the posts for the future by setting them on the auto-posting feature. According to its new feature, you can schedule posts as well as the first comment on Instagram posts.

2. Hootsuite:

You can manage all social media platforms like Instagram, and Facebook using Hootsuite and analyze the tracking of your likes, followers, and subscribers. Hootsuite allows the tracking and monitoring of your social channels. It also depicts the best content for your post.

3. Social Status:

You can get automated reporting on social media by getting an analysis of your profile, ads, influencers, and competitors. Social status provides customized reports on all these four mentioned things, Users can get a subscription of it for 29 dollars and may employ it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Radaar, Metricool, Postpickr, Smarter Queue, Juphy, Social Elephants, Oktopost, and Vista create are some of the other social marketing tools having varying features.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Some of the most demanding and worth applicable measures for social media marketing are:

  1. Regularly upload the content on social sites.
  2. The content should be engaging and readable with short sentences.
  3. Your social site’s content should have trending hashtags according to your niche.
  4. The best strategy is to follow your competitors’ strategy. You must choose 3,4 high ranked competitors and have your own branding policy for branding.
  5. Try to float your advertising policies with the recent trends like sharing a viral meme with your company agenda.
  6. Make carousels on Linkedin with engaging material.
  7. Share your posts to WhatsApp and Facebook groups with the same niche for greater engagement.
  8. Hire an influencer for minimal rater for increasing reach.
  9. Incorporate other social links in your post too.
  10. And the final and important one, if you are not short of budget, promote your social media channel via paid advertisement.

Role and Responsibilities of social media Marketers

The responsibilities of the social media market are mainly for branding and advertising of the company.

  • Create and implement a social media strategy via competitive research, benchmarking, marketing, and audience identification.
  • Create, edit, and post daily material that fosters meaningful connections and motivates social users to take action.
  • Set up and manage company pages on each network to boost the exposure of the socials posts.

why is social media marketing important

Social media marketing ensures that a company reaches its goals within a short time. Social media management has made it possible to reach a wider audience even the websites don’t have the power to spread the brand message. Not only do followers and likes increase but eventually you get leads from social media. As you build a brand reputation in the eyes of followers they reach out to you for tasks and services.

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