TDTRG Takes A Big Leap: The Announcement Of Game Development

The use of consoles, gaming computers, and easy-to-install games on mobiles has eased the gaming experience for users. However, the taste of gaming varies from one person to another. Some individuals might like action games, some would love thrillers, and some play analytical games. Video games, if, can create a captivating effect on users’ minds, only then they are sold globally. To mesmerize the brains of young ones, a video game should have high graphics, sound effects, and a great story. But here the question arises which company is the perfect one for your game development program? Well, it isn’t that hard.

The Digitech Resource Group has entered the video game development field with a bang. We have been working on this for the past 2 years and have spent months hiring the best resources, software, systems, and solutions available in the industry for game development projects. By following the current entertainment trends, The Digitech Resource Group, TDTRG has hired Artists, 3D animators, designers, and voice Artists.

Gaming Capabilities

The video game development team of The Digitech Resource Group, TDTRG is all aboard. Not only that while this piece of content is being crafted for the readers,, TDTRG game developers have already completed dozens of projects which include arcade video games, console games, electronic games, online games, PC games, and virtual reality games. Our creative game development team can complete the 2D and 3D gaming projects in the allocated time of the customer. They also offer ace VFX and AI game development services.

The experienced game developers of Digitech create engaging 2D and 3D games using various programming languages Lua, Python, C++, C#, and game engines such as Unreal Engine, Unity, and CryEngine.

Features Offered by TDTRG Game Development Team:

We have command of various genres of video games. Yes, within a short time, our game development team has crafted 30+ projects. TDTRG game developers can design and develop games of puzzles, music, character playing, adventure, sports, simulation, action, racing, and multiplayer games. They develop games for platforms such as PC, mobile (iOS and Android), and consoles (Nintendo, Xbox, PS4). They also offer services in VR game development, MetaVerse game development, NFT, and blockchain game development, and provide ongoing support and maintenance for games.

Flowchart for a perfect game by TDTRG

To develop a successful video game, our developers at TDTRG ensure to follow all the steps in making your next gaming experience the best.

Game Concept and Planning:

The game concept is the first and foremost important step in custom game development. The game development team of TDTRG gets the idea from the client in the scarped form. Developers also put their input as to what are the hot topics and trending categories of video gaming right now. As soon as the senior managers and sales team approve the project, UI/UX designers, graphics experts, and 3D animators build an engaging concept or design of the game. After it is sent to the development team.

Game Development or production:

The development team, according to the language being used for coding, nominates the relevant individuals and builds a team for the project. They are the main guns that complete the game development project. The programmers build the websites or video game software using the latest tools like celtx, character creator pipeline, blender, helix core, mixamo, gamebench, and incredibuild.

Game testing and Launch

Once the development is completed the senior, developers who are working in the team as the senior developers or the quality assurance (Q/A ) specialists test the newly developed video game. Our QA specialists discover, and fix the issues found in newly developed video games. Auditors use well-known tools for testing beta versions of custom video games like Appium, unity automated testing, lumberyard and ly test tools, selenium, and Unreal engine automation system.

 Core Team Of Video Game Development

As previously mentioned, TDTRG has already hired hundreds of young brains for its Projects. Our hierarchy for the game development team consists of the executive’s position to junior internees. We have the director of operations for the gaming department supported by the Technical Manager. Senior / Lead Programmers, Senior/Lead Artists Senior/Lead Animators, Programmers, UI/UX, and graphics Designers, Junior Programmers, and Middleware Programmers (internal or external) are among the notable team of video game development. The advertising and marketing team comprising of SEO specialists, AEO game specialists, content writers, and digital gaming marketers.

Why Choose TDTRG as your game development company:


We provide the best plot and story for the game to build. As the action games need a story to start like IGI, so your story and copywriters perform this task in a unique and user-engaging fashion. The story building in the video game should peak, as the challenge levels, enemy, and game scenario matters a lot for it.


Some games require high-technology processors and systems to operate. These are games of the next level involving complex characters. Coding and features. But the speed of the game should be optimum for the user to stay on screen. If a game takes longer than usual to load, the user will not play the game

Art design & graphics:

The visual appearance of the characters and graphics of the game is the starting point to grab the interest of the user. Our 3D animators provide an artistic color to the costumes and surrounding environments of the game. We pay strong heed to the color combination of the racing cars, costumes, and realistic environment.

Challenge levels:

Our game is for all age groups. Therefore, we add the age groups in the games to attract all the users. When a user plays with the different difficulty levels like, easy, medium, and difficult. It becomes efficient with time and can reach the difficult levels after playing the easy ones. Further, these challenge levels act as a source of inspiration for gamers to play more.

An eye capturing Theme & real looking Visuals:

When a game enthusiast starts playing a game, visual aspects of the game either the intriguing colors of the cars or the realistic environment. Our developers make sure that players get the true feeling of being lost in the depths of video games. Our rendering and 3D animation team provides a virtual reality imagination that compels the video game enthusiast to download and play our video game.

Excellent Sound & Music

Apart from the visual aspect, when you hear the sound of the gun being fired, or the race of the car being accelerated, it provides you a seamless realistic effect like you are not the player, but the one playing the game yourself. The acoustic effect in games has been taken to next level as online games also feature the real sound of yourself to other players.

Captivating costumes of players

Some new games offer custom suits and costumes for the player. You can win points or unlock new custom costumes for the character as you achieve new levels.

Memorable Characters

The characters sometimes leave an unforgettable review on the mind of the users that perceive the character as the hero or protagonist of the game. Let’s take an example, Agent 47 in the Hitman video game, Lara Croft, and Kratos in God of War are some notable characters.

Rewards and points for winning

We always add bonus points in video games which are used to unlock the next levels in the video game. Users may use these points or credits to unlock the extra feature added in the game like a top-quality gun, stealth mode, and custom suiting.

Call To Action:

TDTRG (The DigiTech Resource Group) is a game development agency based in New York that offers custom video game development services. TDTRG has a team of over 200 game developers and engineers that are experts in machine learning, PHP, Python, C#, and Lua.

The Digitech Resource Group is an emerging game development agency that tends to compete with big giants in gaming services like Nintendo, Sega, Electronic Arts, and Epic Games. If you want to develop a custom video gaming project, don’t forget to contact us at +1 (855) 880 5222 or mail us at You can get a free estimate of our affordable game development services.

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