The Role of Alt Text in Technical SEO with Examples

Technical SEO involves optimizing a website’s technical components to rank higher in SERPs. One important element of technical SEO is using alt text when describing images on your website – this short form for “alternative text” will display in place of the image if it does not load successfully. Sometimes, due to weak internet, the heavy image on the website fails to load, therefore disallowing the reader to fully understand the meaning or context of the story. In this article, we will go through the following subheadings.

  • The Role Of Alt Text In Technical SEO With Examples
  • What Is Alt Text and Its Importance?
  • How to Write Effective Alt Text
  • Examples of Effective Alt Text
  • Best SEO Company for your Issues:

What Is Alt Text and Its Importance?          

Google is unable to understand the videos and images. The spider crawlers of Google can only read text format, so, when crawlers go through the content, they read the alt text, not see the visual graphics of image.

Alt text provides search engine crawlers with essential information that enables them to accurately recognize an image’s content, helping search engines better comprehend how this relates to other pages’ content and vice versa. Additionally, alt text makes your website more accessible for visually impaired visitors by providing accurate alt text to screen readers that cannot see an image directly. By creating inclusive website experiences while increasing SEO rankings simultaneously.

Alt text can enhance the user experience for all visitors to your website. When images fail to load properly, alt text describes what was intended to be displayed allowing visitors to still understand its context and content. Furthermore, well-written alt text adds aesthetic value by creatively describing images. By providing descriptive yet relevant alt text you can make your website more inclusive for all of its visitors.

How to Write Effective Alt Text        

Writing alt text requires being both descriptive and concise. Your ideal alt text length should range between 80 to 125 characters; make sure it describes the image content appropriately about its webpage context.

Example: On a webpage about dog training, an image may feature a golden retriever playing fetch during a training session – so your alt text would include something such as “Golden Retriever playing fetch during the training session”. This gives search engines and visually impaired visitors a clear picture of what the image means within the context of its webpage content.

Examples of Effective Alt Text

To clear the concept of Alt text, here are more examples of effective alt text:

– Image of a gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe: “Freshly baked gluten-free chocolate chip cookies cooling on a wire rack”.

-Image of a hiking man hiking in the mountainous landscape: “Man navigating his way through pine trees and blue skies on his journey in the Rocky Mountains”.

By employing alt text effectively, you can enhance both accessibility and SEO of your website. Make sure to provide detailed descriptions for every image on your site to increase its chances of ranking highly in search results.

Best SEO Company for your Issues:              

As discussed, ALT text plays an important role in SERP on Google and other search engines. After reading the article, you can get an idea that how important technical SEO is for optimization.

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Does alt text affect SEO?

Yes, alt text has a direct link with the SEO. Optimization of images on Google directly corresponds to the

What does alt text mean in SEO?

Alt text means giving an image an alternate opportunity to identify. By providing the textual description of the image, readers can understand what the image states.

How do you write SEO-friendly alt text?

An SEO-friendly alt text carries your main keyword along with secondary keywords or LSI keywords. The best strategy is to incorporate keywords.

How long should alt text be for SEO?

An alt text should be approximately 125 characters long. You must be specific in explaining the image rather than sharing generic information.

Is alt text part of SEO? 

Alt text is a crucial part of technical SEO. By doing so, you let the search engine to rank your images at the top. Hence, users can visit your website from searching images too.

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