Ultimate Guide to Use Pinterest for Business and Marketing

Pinterest is a popular visual search engine and social media platform with over 443 million active users. Many people visit Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to kill time and to connect with friends. They are unaware of the benefits this social giant, Pinterest possesses.

Pinterest, competes with other social media platforms to increase engagement of a product, company or service. The popular posts receive more saves and pins. It is worth mentioning that a post is alive for 3 to 4 months on Pinterest. On the contrary, Twitter has 20 minutes and Facebook has 1 to 2 days to engage with people. It has become an essential tool for businesses to reach their target audience and drive traffic to their website. In this ultimate guide, we will cover all aspects of Pinterest business marketing in 2023.

Creating a Pinterest Business Account  

Creating a Pinterest Business account is easy and straightforward. It only takes a few minutes to get started. If you are interested in creating a Pinterest Business account, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Pinterest Business homepage and click on the “Join as a business” button.
  2. Enter your business name, email address, and password.
  3. Add a profile picture and a short bio about your business.
  4. Link your website to your Pinterest account.
  5. Once your account is set up, you can start creating boards, uploading pins, and connecting with your target audience.

Pinterest Marketing for Local Business

Pinterest is an excellent tool for local businesses to promote their products. By using keywords and location-specific tags, businesses can attract customers in their local area. Here are some tips for using Pinterest to market your local business:

  • Create boards specific to your local community. For example, if you run a restaurant, you could create a board showcasing local food and drink options.
  • Use location-specific keywords and tags in your pin descriptions and board titles.
  • Connect with other local businesses on Pinterest and collaborate on boards.
  • By using these strategies, local businesses can attract new customers and increase their visibility on the platform.

Pinterest Business Manager 

Pinterest Business Manager is a free tool that allows businesses to manage their Pinterest account, advertising, and analytics all in one place. It’s a great resource for managing multiple accounts, setting up advertising campaigns, and tracking your Pinterest performance metrics.

To use Pinterest Business Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Go to business.pinterest.com.
  2. Click on “Get started” and follow the prompts to set up your account.
  3. Connect your Pinterest account to Pinterest Business Manager.
  4. Start using the tool to manage your daily Pins on the Pinterest business account.

Business Resources of Pinterest

Pinterest offers a range of resources for businesses to help them succeed on the platform. These resources include guides, webinars, case studies, and best practices.

  • Pinterest Business Blog: The Pinterest Business Blog is a valuable resource for staying up-to-date on the latest trends and features.
  • Pinterest Academy: Pinterest Academy offers free courses on how to use Pinterest for business, including topics like advertising and analytics.
  • Pinterest Guides: Pinterest Guides are step-by-step instructions on how to use Pinterest for business.

Pinterest Business Community 

The Pinterest Business Community is a great place for businesses to connect with other business owners, get advice, and share tips. Here’s how to join the Pinterest Business Community:

  1. Search for “Pinterest Business Community” on Pinterest.
  2. Request to join the group.
  3. Once you’re accepted, you can start networking and connecting with other business owners.
  4. The community is a great resource for learning, networking, and staying up-to-date on the latest Pinterest marketing strategies.

Features Offered by Pinterest Business Community 

The Pinterest Business Community offers several features to help businesses succeed on the platform. These are

  1. Expert advice: Members of the community can get advice from Pinterest experts on how to improve their Pinterest marketing strategy.
  2. Case studies: The community shares case studies on successful Pinterest marketing campaigns.
  3. Access to latest features: Members get early access to Pinterest’s latest features and updates.
  4. Networking opportunities: The community is a great place to connect with other business owners and collaborate on boards.

Role of Pinterest Creator Community and Paid Partnership in Marketing 

The Pinterest Creator Community is a network of content creators who use Pinterest to share their ideas, products, and services with their followers. Creators can use the platform to collaborate with brands, showcase their work, and build their audience.

Paid partnerships are another way for creators to monetize their content on Pinterest. Creators can partner with brands and businesses to promote their products or services in exchange for payment. To get started with paid partnerships on Pinterest you have to create a Pinterest Business account and apply for the Pinterest Partner Program. Once accepted, connect with brands and businesses to find paid partnership opportunities.

Creating Popular Pins for Your Pinterest Business Account 

As told previously, rich pins are important for brand awareness. Pinterest handlers when hired from freelancing platforms can boost Pinterest engagement through SEO. So, popular pins are the key to success on Pinterest. Businesses can create popular pins that attract engagement and increase their visibility on the platform.

Case Studies for Pinterest Business 

Learning from case studies and best practices can help businesses improve their Pinterest marketing strategy. Let’s explore some of the examples of successful Pinterest marketing campaigns:

  1. Lowe’s Home Improvement: Lowe’s created a series of DIY tutorials on Pinterest, which drove traffic to their website and increased their engagement on the platform.
  2. L’Oreal Paris: L’Oreal Paris used Pinterest to showcase their products and promote their brand. By using rich pins and targeted advertising, they were able to reach a wider audience and increase their sales.
  3. Jetsetter: Jetsetter used Pinterest to showcase their travel packages and destinations. By creating visually stunning pins and partnering with influencers, they were able to attract a large following and increase their bookings.


Pinterest has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to market their products and services in 2023. By creating a Pinterest business account, businesses can access a range of features and resources. Additionally, joining the Pinterest business community can provide valuable networking opportunities and insights into industry best practices. By following the best practices businesses can create popular pins and increase their visibility on the platform, ultimately driving more traffic and sales to their website.


Is Pinterest for Business Free? 

Yes, Pinterest for Business is free to use. Businesses can create an account and start promoting their products or services on the platform for free.

What is the Pinterest Creator Community?

The Pinterest Creator Community is a network of content creators who use Pinterest to share their ideas.

What is the Difference Between a Pinterest and a Pinterest for Business Account?

The main difference between a Pinterest and Pinterest for Business account is the additional features that come with a Pinterest for Business account. These features are analytics, rich pins, promoted pins, and business resources.

How to Use Pinterest for Etsy Business?  

Etsy sellers can increase their visibility and attract new customers on Pinterest by creating rich pins, detailed images, and tags for relevant business.

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