Working Remotely? Here’s Your Secret Weapon for Managing Your Team!

There’s no denying the permanence of remote employment. There has been a noticeable movement toward total and semi-remote work as a result of the epidemic. In the United States, almost 40% of full-time workers do some or all of their jobs remotely, as per a recent research. By contrast, in 2019 less than 6% of Americans had a remote job. Both managers and employees now face new issues as a result of this new working reality.

Here at The Digi Tech Resource Group, our workforce is diverse, with workers based in various states, zip areas, and occasionally even other nations. It is my responsibility as a project manager to make sure that every team member, regardless of location, feels heard, respected, and appreciated. It necessitates a novel approach to managing teams and a focus on communication. In this article, I will provide you the tips for

Working Remotely? Here’s Your Secret Weapon for Managing Your Team!

Best Tips for Remote Environment

  • Effective Communication Skills:
  • Balance Between Work and Life:
  • Coordination with Team Members:
  • Greet the New Remote Member with Zeal
  • Provide Dedicated Items and Materials:
  • Express Gratitude:
  • Tools to Use in Remote Work
  • Conclusion:

1. Effective Communication Skills:

Success in a remote setting is largely dependent on efficient communication. Physical distance may be bridged through one-on-one conversations, team meetings, and regular check-ins. It is inevitable that you will use technologies like instant messaging, video conferencing, and written communication while working with a team of remote persons. It is best if a team can get used to this new reality as soon as possible.

2. Balance between Work and Life:

When someone works from home, it might be difficult to distinguish between their personal and professional lives. Members of remote teams may find it simple to develop bad habits, such as staying up late working, neglecting their vacation time, or failing to draw clear boundaries between their personal and professional lives, since they do not have to commute every day. For example: Try to give breaks to employees in an eight-hour-long shift. One break must be made mandatory to get the mind fresh and nervous relax. Similarly, use a healthy work-life environment for the employees, like don’t email or text them in off-hours.

3. Coordination with Team Members:

Without an office environment, it’s simple to chat only about business with your staff members and miss out on developing a personal relationship.

Encourage your team members to have lighthearted talks by hosting themed Slack channels, holding informal chats, and creating virtual water cooler moments. The feeling of isolation and solitude that a few remote employees may feel can be lessened by providing chances for interpersonal connections between team members. Additionally, it fosters general camaraderie throughout your project team.

4. Greet the New Remote Member with Zeal:

When an emerging remote team member first joins your team or is brand-new, it’s critical to provide them extra attention. When you’re not in a similar physical area as the throng, it might be simple to become lost in it. Plan frequent check-ins, virtual coffee conversations, and even virtual group activities to facilitate the seamless integration of new members. It shows that you are interested in their achievement that you have taken the time to get to know them and their hobbies.

5. Provide Dedicated Items and Materials:

It’s critical for project managers to provide their remote staff with the tools they require to succeed. It is essential to remove any barriers that can prevent team members who work various hours from being productive. Make sure they’ve got the necessary access to papers, software, etc. Providing your staff with the tools they need to accomplish their duties properly will keep everyone well-equipped.

6. Express Gratitude:

Saying “thank you” and expressing gratitude frequently is important when leading remote workers. Celebrate successes as a team and as an individual, acknowledge accomplishments, and never forget to express gratitude, especially when things become hectic.

Tools to Use in Remote Work      

A Project manager must be looking at all the aspects of the game. If some employee is sick and can’t work on-site. Give him permission to work from home instead of taking the day off from the employee. A PM and managerial staff should keep an eye on the working and overall history and time worked of employees. The project manager should be using any project management tool to keep the tasks aligned and keep things up to date.

●     Time Doctor:

It is a tool that monitors the performance of your employees and even the time the employees have worked. Advanced features include monitoring the cursor and keyboard.

●     Slack:

A tool that is used for inter-company communication. A project manager remains connected with the team and even you can create channels like WhatsApp groups for multiple applicants.

●     Zoom/ Google Meet:

Online meeting applications can help managers deliver the message to subordinates and take input from them on client tasks. These video applications assist in video conferencing.

●     Online docs:

Working offline can only deliver the task when it’s done. However, using cloud documents like Google Docs can solve this problem.

●     Trello:

It keeps all the track and working of team members. All team members can keep their manager aware of the tasks they have done and the pending tasks.


Working remotely can be a tedious task that only a handful of companies offer. After the covid, one can see clear spikes in Remote work. One excellent company with Hybrid and remote facilities is TDTRG. The Digi Tech Resource Group is one of the leading software companies in New York. TDTRG has created several high-end software solutions and mobile apps. The developers of TDTRG are certified and expert in their tasks. We have several dedicated teams working under team leads and project managers. TDTRG with its superb management skills helps the company to achieve success by following the latest trends in UI/UX, app, and web designing.

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